Centralize your finance data with Fivetran

With support for 500+ data sources, Fivetran’s automated data movement platform enables finance teams to easily centralize data for faster reporting and deeper insights.

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Fivetran helps thousands of companies automate their data movement and scale their finance analytics strategy.

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Centralize finance data into your destination of choice

Get the clearest possible view of the financial future with projections and analytics driven by the freshest, fastest data.

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Gather financial insights faster

Adopt a strategic, data-driven approach to finance analytics to optimize forecasting, increase revenue opportunities and drive better business performance.

Accelerate financial reconciliation

Centralize data from disparate sources, so your financial team can streamline and accelerate financial reporting on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Accurate profit and loss analysis

Depend on your P&L dashboards for accuracy with a centralized data movement solution and access to near real-time data.

Optimize forecasting and predictions

Forecast and predict using the most up-to-date data without having to comb through various platforms, so your team can understand and mitigate risks more accurately than ever before.

"Finance and accounting teams are working more on strategy, not tracking down numbers. The product team is working on feature development attributed to higher lifetime value. We couldn’t have done this just because we had Zuora — it’s about joining that data with more data from Salesforce, marketing, ad spend and beyond. Our time to value and insight is much faster."

Perry Wang, Head of Analytics Engineering, Intercom

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Turn your data into analytics-ready tables with pre-built data models


With self-service dashboards, monitor your data movement in real time


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Connect your finance analytics to the rest of your business

Finance + marketing analytics

Merge marketing cost data with financial budget data to monitor marketing spend.

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Finance + sales analytics

Forecast future sales volumes with more accuracy and agility, and track commissions in near real time.

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Automate transformations

Speed time to insights with integrated transformations and prebuilt data models.

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