Real-time, efficient data replication from PostgreSQL to your destination of choice.

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Get your data replicated from PostgreSQL in minutes with Fivetran. Capable of moving large volumes of data in real-time, the Fivetran PostgreSQL connector can move data from your PostgreSQL instance to your destination of choice. Fivetran offers a variety of connection options for your ELT database replication such as safelisting Fivetran’s IP address, SSH tunnel, reverse SSH tunnel, AWS PrivateLink, Azure Private Link, and Google CloudPrivate Service Connect. The Fivetran PostgreSQL connector can replicate your data using WAL, XMIN, or our proprietary sync method: Teleport Sync.

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“The most significant results of our modern stack are the time savings and data consistency. The quantity of data we generate will only grow as we grow. We operate on narrow margins, so we have to work faster and smarter to improve efficiency and gain a competitive edge. Data is key to achieving that.”

Clayton Hicklin, Director of Technology at Emery Sapp & Sons and Fivetran PostgreSQL connector user

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Replicate data to any of your cloud-based destinations

Seamlessly manage data replication from your SaaS applications and databases to your destination of choice with Fivetran.
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