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Democratize data and empower more data-driven decisions

Your IT team can’t do it all — and they shouldn’t have to. Make data accessible to teams across your organization without compromising on compliance.

What is data democratization and why does it matter?

‍When every department — think Marketing, Finance, Sales and more — at your company relies on data to get their work done, your central IT team can become a bottleneck for data requests. Data democratization is the solution to this problem.

Alleviate data engineering bottlenecks by empowering teams to integrate and centralize their own data without compromising data protection.

Fivetran’s data movement platform comes complete with all the tools and features to automate compliance, protect sensitive data and control access.

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Visibility, control and scale: How Fivetran accelerates the three major pillars of data democratization

Know your data

Maintain visibility over what is happening with your data.

Protect your data

Keep control over who has access to your data.

Scale your data

Handle the entire scope of your data.

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Data democratization empowers every decision to be data-driven

Faster decision making across your org

Every team has the data they need when they need it — without the usual bottleneck of fielding every one-off data request.

Remove data silos while maintaining data quality

Data integrity is as important as data access. As citizen integrators centralize data, IT can act as a quality assurance filter to ensure decisions are based on accurate data.

  "The availability of the Metadata API will accelerate development of reliable and secure data-intensive applications by exposing lineage, impact analysis, and security and privacy aspects.”

Sanjeev Mohan, Principal at SanjMo

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