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Accelerate data movement into Microsoft Azure with Fivetran

Automated, zero-maintenance data pipelines empower Microsoft Azure users to create a secure, compliant data stack and derive new insights from the freshest data.

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Connecting Azure to Fivetran

Learn how to connect to Fivetran with Azure in just a few simple steps.

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Modern ELT approach for extracting and loading data 
into Azure

Automatically and securely move data into Microsoft Azure with the most secure and reliable data pipelines.

Accelerate analytics and AI to drive your business

Load data from 300+ sources into Azure destinations, including Azure Synapse, Azure Databricks and Snowflake on Azure.

Security you can rely on

Fivetran Business Critical supports Azure Private Link in any region so you know your data movement is always secure.

Reduce complexity and cost

Fivetran deploys on Azure, so organizations can simplify procurement, remain within the Azure cloud and meet relevant security and compliance requirements.

case studies

Leading organizations choose Fivetran and Microsoft Azure

Get to know the customers who trust us to power their data movement and drive business insights.

Paul Hewitt accelerates ecommerce with Fivetran & Databricks

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Hyper Hippo Productions gains deeper insights into player profiles

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“As Team Lead, it's been nice for me personally to no longer have to explain to the marketing department over and over again why data is not up to date or accurate. It’s been a huge win because it leaves more time for me and the team to focus on work that adds more value to the business.

Jan-Niklas Mühlenbrock, Team Lead, Business Intelligence & ERP, Paul Hewitt

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