Make AI workloads possible. Make data access automatic.

Fivetran is the industry leading data movement platform that powers your AI innovation with automated access to centralized, cleansed and governed data.

Trusted by thousands of data-driven companies

Moving (data) towards your AI ambitions

Unlock your AI potential and learn how your team can move, replicate, secure and govern large-volumes of data across any source and any data lake.

Automatically move data from major ERPs

Move data from ERPs like SAP, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365 with high-performance, log-based change data capture (CDC).

Train models with business-critical data from databases

Unlock the potential of data in databases like Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server with reliable database replication.

Any data lake, any AI workload, any volume 

Load high-volumes of data to S3, OneLake or ADLS to feed into your composable and extensible AI pipeline — governed along the way.

Prepare with the ultimate primer for GenAI

Download this guide to learn how to prepare a solid data foundation to leverage generative AI.

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Robust, reliable data, ready for AI workloads

Give your data team the foundational solutions they require to meet your AI ambitions.

Enable efficient, effective data access 

Free engineers from pipeline maintenance and data cleansing. Data is automatically normalized and de-duplicated when ingested.

Trust in 99.9% uptime, fully-managed pipelines

Focus on how you’ll utilize your data, we’ll make sure it all arrives — securely, on-time and ready for training.

Deployment on the cloud, on-prem, or hybrid

Our deployment- and cloud-agnostic approach ensures you’ll always meet your regulatory and residency requirements — now and in the future.

Real results: AI driven and built on Fivetran

Case Study

HubSpot powers GenAI, saves $100,000 with Fivetran

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“Fivetran has revolutionized our approach to data, enabling AI/ML and GenAI initiatives on employee performance and providing managers with faster insights. These advancements were unimaginable just two years ago.”

Sandro Frattura, Analytics Engineering Manager, HubSpot People Operations

“The dirty secret of AI is that the hardest part is the data. Are there data sources you can extract more from? That’s the secret sauce. That’s where Fivetran comes in.”

Ali Ghodsi, CEO, Databricks

Fivetran + Databricks: The key to generative AI

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