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Accelerate your data movement into Snowflake with Fivetran

Securely centralize your data in Snowflake — regardless of the source — to fuel analytics and deliver business impact.

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Snowflake builds a best-in-class data stack with Fivetran


Snowflake’s marketing intelligence team needed to centralize its data within the organization's Snowflake instance called Snowhouse to power segmentation models, recommendation engines and ultimately build a 360-degree view of customers.


Snowflake deployed over 900 Fivetran connectors to integrate data from Google, Bing and Facebook Ads as well as from its core SaaS tools like Marketo, Salesforce and Jira, enabling the business to build a customer 360. As a result, Snowflake's marketing team was able to drive massive efficiencies in marketing spend and targeting.
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Deliver analytics excellence with Fivetran and Snowflake

As a Snowflake Elite Technology Partner, Fivetran replicates all your data — from cloud applications, databases, event logs and file stores — into ready-to-query schemas in Snowflake.

Data accessibility with scale 
and ease

Automatically centralize data from  300+ sources in the Data Cloud with Partner Connect, and deliver more impactful business insights with ease.

Automated, zero-maintenance 
data pipelines

With 99.9% uptime and built-in idempotence, Fivetran allows Snowflake users to harness the full power of the Data Cloud and keep their analytic workloads humming.

Secure data replication

Use AWS and Azure Private link for higher security data movement to Snowflake and security features like customer-managed keys to augment Snowflake’s built in data security.

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Connecting Snowflake to Fivetran

Learn how to connect to Fivetran with Snowflake in just a few simple steps.

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Thousands of innovative companies use Fivetran and Snowflake

Get to know the customers who trust us to power their data movement and drive business insights.

WeWork scales secure data collaboration across 4,000+ employees with Fivetran

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Fivetran and Snowflake enable business agility for World Fuel Services

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Maravai LifeSciences modernizes financial analytics

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Autodesk is all in on the modern data stack

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"WeWork’s investment in Fivetran to centralize our data architecture and modeling has been paid back tenfold. Our leadership team trusts that the data they are working with is up to date and accurate, helping us build a powerful data culture throughout WeWork.”

Lucianne Millan, Senior Manager of Data Engineering, WeWork

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