Automate your data lake management with Fivetran

The Fivetran Managed Data Lake Service enables customers to automatically and securely land clean, organized and standardized data from over 500 sources in your data lake using query-ready open table formats.

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Try the Fivetran Managed Data Lake Service with free usage from June through August

Create a new connector with S3, ADLS or OneLake as the destination and get free usage from June through August. To get started, head straight to your Fivetran dashboard, sign up for a 14-day free trial or contact with any questions. See eligibility, terms and limitations.
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Drive greater value from your data lakes

Build a data lake foundation on Fivetran’s flexible, scalable platform with high-volume data movement and enterprise-ready reliability. Plus, Fivetran covers the costs of ingestion into your data lake, greatly reducing your TCO.

One-step conversion to Iceberg or Delta Lake format makes data lake management simple

Automatic conversion to Iceberg or Delta Lake table formats makes data governance a breeze. ACID transactions, schema evolution and time travel all work right out of the box.

Fully automated change data capture and table maintenance

No more manual upserts, deduplication, PII anonymization or deleting old files. Your datasets are always complete, up-to-date and ready to query.

Unlock business value with seamless AI / ML integration

Move structured and unstructured text data into your data lake to build machine learning and large language models (LLMs).

Security and compliance that keeps up with modern business

Enterprise-grade security and compliance ensures that your data is protected and your business is safe.

The enterprise standard for data lake integration

Get the most value from your data lake with Fivetran’s flexible, scalable platform.

“Fivetran complements Microsoft with a shared commitment to simplifying and expediting advanced analytics and AI projects for our joint customers.”

Dipti Borkar, VP of Azure Data at Microsoft

Your data lake: Automated, governed and secure

Fivetran automatically normalizes, compacts and deduplicates your data before standardizing it in Iceberg or Delta Lake table format for easy querying. From securely and reliably moving data into the data lake, to continuous table maintenance and updates, Fivetran automates your data lake management.

Explore Fivetran’s supported data lake destinations in depth

S3 Data Lake

Table formats
Delta Lake (beta)

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) provides scalable cloud storage services to build secure data lakes. S3’s robust data management features enable businesses to store, access and analyze vast amounts of data efficiently.

View documentation

Azure Data Lake Storage

Table formats
Delta Lake

Azure Data Lake Storage is a cloud-based, scalable data storage solution for big data analytics. ADLS allows you to store and manage massive amounts of data in any format.

View documentation

Microsoft OneLake

Table formats
Delta Lake

Microsoft OneLake is a comprehensive data lake solution provided as a part of Microsoft Fabric, described as the “OneDrive for data.” It offers a unified data storage system that comes standard with every Fabric deployment.

View documentation

Automate your data lake management today

Land fully managed, query-ready data in your lake of choice with Fivetran.

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