custom connectors

Reliable custom pipelines for any source

No pre-built connector for your data source? No problem. Move data from any source with Fivetran’s custom, extensible connectors.

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how it works

You write the cloud function, we handle the rest

When Fivetran doesn't have a pre-built connector for your source, our Function connector is here to help. You write the cloud function to extract the data from your source, and we'll handle the loading and transforming into your destination.

explore the capabilities

Simple, secure and extensible data integration

Fivetran’s comprehensive range of support for data extract options, such as APIs, cloud storage buckets and webhooks, allows you to centralize data from any source.

Automate triggers for data feeds

Use our webhooks connectors to create data flow dependencies from any custom triggers through to the warehouse.

Programmatic data access

Fivetran’s REST API allows you to leverage cloud functions to own your code on serverless infrastructure while taking advantage of Fivetran’s triggering and data formatting capabilities.

Import flat files from your chosen storage

Ingest files hosted anywhere from file servers and cloud storage buckets to emailed reports.

discover the benefits

Future-proof your data stack with Fivetran custom connectors

Access a broad range of generic pipeline options that you have both now and in the future.

Leverage what you love about Fivetran

  • Automated data schema creation and updating from ingestion of data

  • Configurable replication frequency from five minutes to 24 hours to keep your data updated and your data strategy nimble

  • Detailed troubleshooting logs to help you handle function debugging

Own your API code

  • Reduce vendor lock-in for these sources

  • Support for cloud functions hosted across any of the major cloud destinations

  • Reuse and edit your code freely, without needing to modify your pipeline

how to get started

Setup is simple


Scope your cloud function connector to understand which endpoints you need to call from


Write a tiny function that fetches data from the custom source


Host this function on a serverless computing platform


Fivetran calls your function every 15 min to fetch new data


Fivetran deduplicates this data and merges it to your warehouse

full-featured platform

Get even more out of Fivetran's automated data movement platform

Database replication

Fivetran allows you to effortlessly add operational databases to analytics projects and see the full picture.

Infrastructure modernization

Whether it's migrating to the cloud or modernizing legacy systems, learn how Fivetran can accelerate your digital transformation.

Automate your data movement today

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