Arm your sales team with a data-driven strategy

Empower your sales teams to visualize their pipeline and accelerate time to close with Fivetran’s automated data movement platform.

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What our customers achieve with Fivetran

Fivetran helps thousands of companies automate their data movement and scale their sales and customer success analytics strategy.

jump in customer retention rate
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decrease in acquisition costs
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faster time to insights
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Gather sales insights faster

Combine data from customer relationship management, support and success platforms into the destination of your choice to automate and accelerate reporting with Fivetran.

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Gather sales and customer insights faster

Improve forecast accuracy, monitor sales pipeline and more with automated, reliable and secure data movement.

Optimize customer engagement strategies

Join engagement and deal data so sales teams can better understand the effects of their engagement efforts, optimize their pitching strategy and automate outreach to connect with customers at scale.

Accurate pipeline tracking

Combine marketing and engagement data to enable your sales team to monitor their pipelines in real time, so no lead is left behind.

Increase customer loyalty and retention

Centralize relationship, support and sentiment data to give account managers insight into their customers’ behavior, so they can proactively engage with accounts to strategically expand usage and prevent churn.

"You just connect Fivetran to whatever source, and within a matter of minutes you have a pipeline. Once data lands in Snowflake, we have data across different sources in one central place. We can do all kinds of different things; we can integrate data and do validations and reconciliations."

Veronika Durgin, Head of Data, saks fifth avenue

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Connect your sales sources to Fivetran


Gather your credentials


Connect to your data sources in minutes


Select the data you want to pull from each source


Turn your data into analytics-ready tables with pre-built data models


With self-service dashboards, monitor your data movement in real time

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See the bigger picture, faster

Sales + marketing analytics

Track and optimize the complete customer journey from marketing prospect to closed customer.

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Sales + finance analytics

Forecast future sales volumes with more accuracy and agility, and track commissions in near real time.

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Automate transformations

Speed time to insights with integrated transformations and prebuilt data models.

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