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Real-time, efficient data replication from Facebook Ads to your destination of choice.

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Facebook Ads provides a history of the settings of your Ad Account, Campaigns, Ad Sets, Ads, and Ad Creatives.

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“One of the data scientists conducted a study on the effect of a longer attribution window on Facebook Ads and, by combining data from Fivetran with internal data, showed that we could significantly increase the margin of our customer acquisition target."

Gaëtan Podevijn, Data Engineer, Datacamp

Example use cases

  • Extract data for a history of settings of your ad account, campaigns, ad sets, ads and ad creative
  • Leverage our pre-built reports to track key metrics on a campaign, ad set and ad level
  • Gain insights on the demographics your ads are reaching and performance
  • Build customizable aggregation

Data models

Leverage Fivetran’s free Facebook Ads data models to analyze ad performance across varying grains: account, campaign, ad group, keyword, ad, and utm-level reports.

This data model can be downloaded and orchestrated using our Quickstart transformations or in your own dbt project.

If you use multiple advertising platforms alongside Facebook Ads and want to compare ad spend performance, you can also utilize our Ad Reporting data model.


How do you add prebuilt reports to the connector?

As part of the setup, you have the option to select “Add Table” and select the prebuilt or custom tables to sync.

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