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Effortlessly centralize data from SaaS sources so your teams can deliver better insights, faster.

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You set up the connector, we handle the rest


Easy implementation in just a few clicks

Most of our SaaS connectors use OAuth for one-click setup, and every single one comes with detailed setup guides, including best practices on usage.

Fully managed data replication

Data extractions include historical and incremental loads into an automatically created and maintained schema, providing you with full, refreshed data sets analysts can depend on.

Complete end-to-end automation

In addition to new and updated values merged directly into their mapped data sets, we also take care of common pipeline maintenance tasks, such as updating your schema to reflect custom objects or the latest data source API versions.

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Designed with security in mind

From end-to-end encryption to user-friendly features like blocking or hashing sensitive fields, we’re built to handle the most stringent compliance and security protocols.

Production-ready schemas

Modeling happens faster with our entity-relationship diagrams (i.e., Twitter ERD) that show what API objects are loading data into which tables, including primary and foreign key relations.

Cascading transformations

Fivetran uses sync completion events to automatically trigger transformations. Plus, you can accelerate baseline reporting with our prebuilt data models.

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case studies

Fueling smarter business decisions

Get to know the customers who trust us to replicate their SaaS data.

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Marketing analytics

Improve campaign performance and drive ROI with a complete view of your marketing spend and activities.

Database replication

Effortlessly add your operational databases to see the full picture and accelerate your business.

Automate transformations

Speed time to insights with integrated transformations and prebuilt data models.

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