Build self-reliant teams with automated data governance

Fivetran supports your data governance strategy with control and visibility of your data as it moves from source to destination.

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Track and protect your most valuable asset

Fivetran provides automated data governance to ensure teams have the visibility they need to control their data assets.

Drive a data culture with trusted data

With well-governed data, everyone across your organization will have confidence and trust in the data.

Data analysts

Get a better understanding of where data is coming from and be able to easily run impact analyses on the data.

Data architects and engineers

Understand upstream schema changes and ensure downstream processes are updated.

Data stewards

Know that end users have access to data that has been handled securely and is compliant with governance requirements.

Under the hood

Effortlessly integrate with your data catalog of choice

Fivetran Metadata provides enhanced visibility into where the data came from, who accessed it and what changes have occurred in the pipeline. The Fivetran Platform Connector can integrate with your homegrown solution or with any of the industry-leading catalogs.

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Data governance simplified


Set up teams to manage group-level permissions


Integrate with Okta or Azure AD to provision users at scale


Newly added users will automatically get access to the connectors they have been authorized to use


Users can start safely loading data in a matter of clicks


The Fivetran Platform Connector sends information to your data catalog so your data stewards have visibility of all the data being loaded to consistently apply policies

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Automated data governance for self-reliant teams

Empower every person in your organization to make data-led decisions.

Protect your data

Free up time by delegating data workflows and empowering other teams across the organization to load, access and work with data safely and securely.

Know your data

Enable data stewards to understand what data is being loaded, how it changes and how it’s being used to build reliable data sets that drive your business forward.

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A look ahead to our governance roadmap

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Automatic PII detection

Automatically detect and flag PII information with a suggested action to hash, block or allow based on the user's role.

User audit logs

Get full visibility into your users and their actions on the Fivetran platform.

Data tagging / classification

Tag your data as Fivetran loads it and send these tags through to the destination.
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Data democratization

Give more teams access to data without compromising on compliance. Learn how Fivetran accelerates your data democratization efforts.

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Infrastructure modernization

Whether it's migrating to the cloud or modernizing legacy systems, learn how Fivetran can accelerate your digital transformation.

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