We believe in a new data era where every organization owns and controls all its data in a single place.

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Our Story

In 2012, George Fraser and Taylor Brown realized the available tools for providing data infrastructure were not available for modern companies who heavily use third party SaaS solutions, so they founded Fivetran. Fivetran accepted a position in the winter 2013 Y Combinator class. Today, Fivetran is setting a new standard for providing end-to-end data integrations as a service from SaaS solutions, databases, CSV files, and event trackers into data warehouses on Amazon Redshift.

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Fivetran was made with love in sunny San Francisco. Get in touch if you have questions, ideas, or just want to talk shop.

944 Market Street,
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Our Investors

Y Combinator

Tim Draper

Ace & Company

Scott Banister

Shan Sinha

Dakin Sloss

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