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Making access to data as simple and reliable as electricity.

Fortran is invented

John Backus created Fortran, a computer programming language that made programming significantly more accessible — and paved the way for a solution like Fivetran. 

George Fraser and Taylor Brown meet

Fivetran’s future founders meet and become fast friends while camping at their families’ lakeside cabins in the woods of Wisconsin.

Fivetran is founded out of Y Combinator

Initially ideated as a data analysis tool for scientists, George and Taylor completed Y Combinator in the spring of 2013 and began working on a full-stack solution.

Fivetran builds its first connector

Responding to the needs of a customer, the three-person Fivetran team built a connector to move data to their data analysis tool. Word spread, they started receiving offers to purchase that connector and the team found their true product-market fit. 

Opens Global Headquarters

Now our global headquarters, our first office in Oakland was where we planted our roots before growing into a global company with ten international offices. 
2018 - 2021

Several rounds of funding and a growing valuation 

We raised our Series A in 2018 and have grown to a valuation of $5.6B. Click here to read about our Series D funding round in 2021.

Fivetran acquires Teleport Data and HVR

Within the same year, Fivetran completed the strategic acquisitions of Teleport Data and HVR to expand the capabilities of our automated data platform to serve any company of any size.

Fivetran reaches 5,000+ customers 

Fivetran has amassed over 5,000 customers, including Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders across sectors. We also grew revenue by more than 50% — a testament to our mission to become the standard for automated data movement.
2022 - 2023

Award-winning partnerships and corporate accolades

Fivetran was named Global Technology Partner of the Year by Google Cloud, Data Integration Partner of the Year by Snowflake, and Data Ingestion Partner of the Year by Databricks. Click here to learn what else we achieved going into 2023. 

Raised in the Bay, we’ve gone global

Headquartered in Oakland, California, Fivetran maintains offices around the world. Want to join our growing team at a location near you or remotely? We’re hiring!
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From global engineering and IT departments to solo data analysts, Fivetran has solutions for every team.