Automated pipelines that easily fit into your data stack

Spend less time integrating systems and more time centralizing data for reports and analysis, thanks to Fivetran’s automated schema drift handling, idempotent pipelines and more.

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Meet Optimizely’s Srinath Sura

Optimizely replaces custom, in-house ETL with Fivetran and refocuses its energy on driving insights and delivering data to stakeholders in real time.


What our customers achieve with Fivetran

Fivetran helps thousands of companies automate their data movement and scale their analytics strategy.

cut in engineering costs

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reduction in script writing time

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Built for the cloud, Fivetran handles the biggest workloads

Fivetran’s data movement platform loads data to your cloud destinations with hundreds of prebuilt connectors that automatically respond to API and schema changes, ensuring your data never stops moving.

why fivetran

Radically simple and reliable data pipelines

Accurate data type mapping

To support queries and downstream models that depend on the casting of proper data types, we use automated data type promotion tailored to every destination. No transformations needed to recast the data.

Entity relationship diagrams shorten the learning curve

Comprehensive entity relationship diagrams — like our Stripe ERD — detail connections between fields and tables including links to related API objects to help you incorporate large amounts of data into your production analytics.

Automated schema drift handling

In addition to initial creation, schema drift is automatically detected and merged into the destination for your immediate usage, without the downtime associated with full refreshes of data.

Compatible with your ideal data flow tooling

From initial configuration to downstream triggering for incremental syncs, Fivetran has you covered with integrations to multiple data workflow tools.

full-featured platform

See the bigger picture, faster

Database replication

Effortlessly add your operational databases to see the full picture and accelerate your business.

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Infrastructure modernization

Whether it's migrating to the cloud or modernizing legacy systems, learn how Fivetran can accelerate your digital transformation.

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"We have been using Fivetran…for our flight planning system business. With the combination of flexibility, performance and robustness, Fivetran has proven to be a very good choice to embed in our flight planning system. "

Senior Database Software Architect, Lufthansa Systems

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