Accelerate SAP ERP data replication

High-volume, low-impact SAP data replication for real-time access and analytics.

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The high cost of siloed SAP data to organizations

In today’s data-driven world, not being able to access or integrate your SAP ERP data is more than just inconvenient, it’s costly.

of companies have delayed decision-making
of companies have delayed data analysis
of companies have seen an impact to core business processes

A secure, scalable and real-time data replication solution

Fivetran simplifies SAP data integration and reduces the impact on the source system with high performance, log-based change data capture (CDC).

High performance

Fivetran is highly efficient at capturing the data change on the source system to support large volumes of data replication.


Fivetran automates extracting and loading data from SAP to your target destination as well as target table creation, special SAP data type conversions and schema changes.

Low footprint

Using our log-based CDC methodology, reduce impact on your underlying database for fast, efficient replication.


Fivetran adheres to industry standard practices to encrypt data in transit and at rest and offers robust security and governance from source to destination to comply with GDPR, ISO and SOC 2.

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Create a unified view across your enterprise at speed and scale

Simplify data integration in hybrid environments without disrupting business using Fivetran’s high-volume data replication solution.

Replication options
  • Replicate directly from the application layer (for Runtime Licenses)

  • Replicate data using log-based CDC (for Enterprise licenses)

  • Convert cluster, pooled and long-text tables to transparent tables in the target with minimal source impact

  • Supports batch load of Core Data Services (CDS) and calculation views

Table explore (coming soon)
  • Select source tables based on functional modules to replicate to target

  • Access to SAP dictionaries to explore table definition, including custom tables

Data validation
  • Know whether your data is in sync and get alerts if there’s a problem

  • Log-based CDC guarantees zero change data loss, including deletes and transient updates