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Real-time, efficient data replication from any source to your destinations

Automatically extract and load data from 500+ sources with Fivetran’s automated data movement platform.

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Data movement for every business need

Data is the lifeblood of any company. At Fivetran, we ensure your data is there when you need it.


Drive your business with richer, faster analytic insights for your marketing, finance, sales and other departments.


Improve your business operations with high-volume data movement across your company and systems.

Data movement for every source

Centralize all your sources with out-of-the box connectors.

SaaS replication

Effortlessly centralize data from SaaS sources so your teams can deliver better insights, faster.

Database replication

Move the largest volumes of data with low impact and low latency.

SAP data replication

Unlock your SAP ERP data with low-impact, high-volume data replication to centralize SAP data into your cloud destinations for real-time access and analytics.

Streaming replication

Fivetran loads event-based data to your destination, allowing users to gain insights on their data faster

File replication

Easily centralize structured and semi-structured data from files to deliver better insights, faster.

Custom connectors

No pre-built connector for your data source? No problem. Move data from any source with Fivetran’s custom, extensible connectors.

Destination to destination

Easily migrate from one destination to another with Fivetran's destination-to-destination movement.

the fivetran difference

01  Automation baked throughout

Automated updates ensure the freshest data for decision-making, without cumbersome maintenance.

Schema creation and mapping happens automatically so you can be confident in how your data lands, every time.

Automatically trigger your transformations upon successful loads to fully automate your ELT from end to end.

how it works

Automated data replication architecture

From source to destination, our core functionality automates the extract and load replication process for all of our connectors, so you can enjoy total pipeline peace of mind.


03  The most reliable data pipelines you’ll never build

Monitoring & observability

Identify the root cause of an issue so it can be addressed quickly.

Incident management

Address incidents affecting customers, whenever they are reported.

Source API failures handling

Preparations are always in place for source-side failures and unexpected behavior.

04  Infrastructure efficiencies

Minimize compute usage on destinations

We’re able to ensure cost-efficient data loads by deduplicating changes made to each row on our servers — rather than utilizing your vast but expensive destination resources.

Easily configure your replication scheduling

Using a simple sliding bar in the connector UI, you’re able to adjust sync frequencies anywhere between 5 minutes and 24 hours for near real-time replication.

Audit it all with application logs

Logs can be exported to warehouses or your cloud vendor of choice, so you can understand what’s happening in your data pipeline and chain dependencies when syncs finish.

Ensure full object support

We use information schemas or work directly with cloud data source vendors to ensure the schemas we create have all potential objects with analytical value.

Cast data with accuracy

We use a combination of automated data type promotion and manual validation to accurately cast data types for every schema for every connector.

Enjoy total peace of mind

Fivetran's idempotent data pipelines update cursors only after a successful write to the target. We can also restart the pipeline from the last successful state to preserve data integrity.

how it works

Data loading: How we detect updates

After a full historical load of all data present at the time of setup, we’ll automatically switch over to incremental updates of your data to ensure that it remains fresh.

For applications and file connectors (and more), we use a combination of multiple system timestamps and cross reference other objects to ensure that we capture tricky-to-find deletes and maintain transaction integrity.

full-featured platform

Get even more out of Fivetran's automated data 
movement platform

Extensibility + management

Extend the Fivetran platform to create new use cases and save development time.

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Comprehensive security and privacy from source to destination.

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Data governance

See, control and govern your data in flight. Learn how Fivetran accelerates your data governance efforts.

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