security + governance

Your data requires the highest levels of built-in security.

With the most comprehensive privacy, security and compliance program of any cloud ELT platform on the market, your data is in safe hands.

Your data requires the highest levels of built-in security

Encryption everywhere

Data is encrypted both in-transit and at rest.

Anynonymize personal data

Block or hash sensitive data such as PII before it reaches your destination.

Data doesn’t persist

Data is purged after it’s successfully written to the destination.

Transparency + auditability

Full control over data access and detailed logging means full control over how data is handled — and by whom.

Control data access

SSO and SAML available, granular role-based access control, and custom roles ensures users get the right level of access.

SaaS compliance

The Fivetran platform is accredited for SOC2, ISO27001, HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, and more.

Enterprise Plan

Provides additional features that put your organization ahead of the pack.

Tons of tunnels

Connect your way with reverse SSH and VPN tunnels.

Greater access control

Custom role-based access gives you greater control over who can do what.

External logging

Send detailed logs to external logging services like AWS CloudWatch and Splunk for deeper auditing and proactive pipeline alerting.

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Business Critical Plan

Maximum security and privacy compliance with advanced features for enterprises with especially sensitive data.

AWS & Azure PrivateLink

Avoid sending data over the public internet with native integrations to cloud specific connection options.

Customer-managed keys

Fully own the master key used for encrypting credentials.

PCI DSS compliance

Connect Fivetran to systems within a PCI boundary.

Data residency control

Select your cloud provider (AWS or GCP) and data processing region.

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Our teams

Our dedicated security and privacy teams manage privacy, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), and collaborate with product management in development, operations, and product roadmap, ensuring that our company is as secure as our product.

Chief Security Officer, Tom Conklin

Data Protection Officer, Alexis Kirkman

Extensive privacy & security training

All Fivetran employees are trained on the latest in data privacy and security best practices.

Vendor audit and approval process

All third-party tools go through vetting before adoption.

Audit trails

Easy data auditing through tracking of data storage, movement, and more.

Data deletion requests

For data we control and process, deletion requests are fully supported.

Resilience & uptime

Service Level Agreements guarantee uptime without compromising performance.

Data protection agreements

Fivetran commits to protecting data as written in our Data Protection Agreement.

Even more to offer.

Extract + load
Pull data from hundreds of sources and load into destinations of your choice.
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Get insights faster with pre-built transformations.
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Get 24/7 support and guidance from global technical teams.
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