Fivetran Expands Enterprise Data Integration

We now support more popular enterprise data sources, including IBM Db2, Oracle RAC and SAP HANA.
January 19, 2021

To help accelerate enterprise organizations’ move to the modern data stack, we’re releasing new enterprise-focused data source connectors for IBM, Oracle and SAP.

Enterprises are increasingly seeking new strategies to accelerate growth and gain an advantage over their competition. Those strategies can take many different forms: capitalizing on cost advantages, optimizing a supply chain, implementing a premium pricing strategy, rapid innovation, etc. While each of these approaches requires a unique business strategy, one common variable will dramatically increase the chances of success: leveraging data to improve strategic decision-making.

Building an enterprise data stack is nothing new. For years, enterprises have adopted large on-premise relational databases such as Oracle, SAP and IBM to aggregate and make better sense of their data. To support data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics requirements, enterprises have also been adopting ETL technologies to extract data from a variety of data sources, transform it into a common schema, and then load it into an enterprise data warehouse.

This legacy approach, however, won’t help you gain a competitive advantage in today’s hyper-growth environments. Building, managing and maintaining an on-premise data stack is costly and time-consuming. Also, data engineering teams are consistently tasked with building and maintaining new data pipelines for various internal teams — all of which require access to new data sources. This creates large bottlenecks and ultimately delays in data access.

Advancing Enterprise Adoption of a Modern Data Stack

Today’s modern enterprise is increasingly adopting a modern data stack approach, typically consisting of cloud-based data and analytics solutions that can accelerate data-driven decision-making. This more modern approach can dramatically improve a company's ability to access the latest data and will ultimately confer a sustainable competitive advantage.

To expedite enterprise adoption of the modern data stack, we are releasing several new enterprise data source connectors, including support for IBM Db2 on Linux, Unix and Windows, and SAP HANA. These connectors feature all the end-to-end automated replication capabilities that Fivetran provides natively, such as fully managed connector maintenance, automatic schema management, failure recovery and support for incremental data updates. Additionally, a new connector for Oracle Database enables log-based change data capture for replicating Oracle RAC environments. Fivetran utilizes Oracle’s native Flashback technology to copy incremental updates from source to destination.

These new connectors are in addition to the other 150+ fully managed and maintained data source connectors that we maintain for a rapidly expanding customer base of over 1,800 customers, including enterprise organizations such as Autodesk, Ziff Davis, ASICS, Square, DocuSign and many more.

Today’s enterprise connector release is the first of many more releases planned for 2021 that will provide our enterprise customers with additional capabilities, including new connectors, role-based access management and security enhancements. We will continue to launch new platform capabilities that will power the modern data stack, improving enterprise ability to make data-driven decisions and ultimately advancing the business strategies that will help enterprises establish a competitive advantage.  

To learn more about Fivetran enterprise connectors, please visit our directory. Enterprise companies can also request a demo from one of our enterprise account executives.

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