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Centralize your data in minutes with zero maintenance and zero cost with Fivetran’s Free Plan.

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  • All the features of our Standard Plan
  • Free forever, up to 500,000 monthly active rows
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why fivetran free

No maintenance. No worries. No cost.

Free usage

Get 500,000 monthly active rows (MAR) free every month, forever.

500+ fully managed connectors

Connect your sources in minutes and avoid the headaches of building and maintaining pipelines.

Automate transformations

Save time and accelerate insights with Quickstart data models and Fivetran Transformations for dbt Core™*.

Standard Plan features

Access all the features of our most popular plan, including database connectors, 15-minute syncs and more.

Transparent documentation

From up-to-date setup documentation to transparent ERDs for every connector, we’ve got everything you need to get started.

Full email support, 24/7

Get help when you need it, day and night, across the globe. Plus, join the Fivetran Community to learn and share with your peers.

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What Free Plan users are saying


“Fivetran Free is fast, reliable, efficient and affordable…giving me (a one-man team) the ability to make a business impact quickly and under budget!”

Jordan Scott, Analytics & Reporting Director, Hunt, Gather

“We’ve saved around 5 hours of work per month in the first 1 week of using Fivetran. It’s helped us open up new projects and get fast, data-driven decisions.”

Rajaa Monnapillai, Performance Data Analyst, Wyoming Interactive

“Fivetran is helping us feed data into our first data warehouse. It’s one of the first steps in introducing a modern data stack to our small nonprofit that ran completely off of spreadsheets less than 6 months ago.”

Samantha LeBlanc, Code2College

“Fivetran simplifies my life as a one-person data team by not having to manage ELT jobs. If a connector exists, it is very easy to quickly pull in that source data and immediately deliver business value.”

Sean Meehan, Data & Analytics Engineer, Sparkgrills

“This saved me weeks of effort.”

Andrea Kyrala, Data Engineering Lead, Yardzen

Getting started

As part of your trial, you’ll be able to try out all of Fivetran’s Enterprise Plan features free for 14 days. Continue moving data for free with Fivetran by selecting the Free Plan at the end of your 14-day trial — no credit card required.

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Sign up for a 14-day free trial with Fivetran on our Enterprise plan.
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Get a usage estimate
Set up all your connectors and select all or as many tables as you need. Seven days into your trial, you’ll get a monthly usage estimate.
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Select our Free Plan
If your usage estimate is below 500,000 monthly active rows (MAR), select our Free Plan. No credit card required.
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Get Fivetran for free, forever.
Voilà! On our Free Plan, you can move up to 500,000 MAR of data every month, on us.
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Ready to upgrade?
If your needs outgrow the Free Plan, you can upgrade at any time to move as much data as you need.
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Frequently asked questions

Do you require a credit card for the Free Plan or free trial?

No, we don’t — hoorah! You can both sign up for a trial and enroll in our Free Plan without a credit card, enabling you to try Fivetran’s automated pipelines without any surprise bills.

What happens if I hit my usage limit (500,000 MAR)?

We’ll notify you and give you a one-time grace period to lower your usage or upgrade to a paid plan. If your usage continues to exceed 500,000 MAR, your account will be frozen by the end of the month.

Is Fivetran Free right for me?

Since the usage limit is 500,000 MAR, Fivetran’s Free Plan is perfect if you have very low data volumes. Or, if you need more time than the 14-day trial to try before you buy Fivetran, our Free Plan is a great way to experience Fivetran functionality for a small subset of your data volumes before upgrading to a paid plan when you’re ready to move more data through Fivetran.

Do you notify me when I get close to the 500,000 MAR limit?

Yes, we will send you notifications when you exceed 350,000 MAR and 500,000 MAR.

What’s the difference between the free trial and the Free Plan?

After signing-up, you can trial Fivetran completely free for 14-days on our Enterprise plan. During your trial, you can try as many connectors as you want, see which features meet your requirements, and get a usage estimate. On the other hand, our Free Plan gives you access to our Standard Plan features for volumes under 500,000 MAR for free, and has no time limit. You can select the Free Plan during your trial or after you’re a customer, as long as your usage is below 500,000 MAR.

Where can I view my usage?

Learn about monitoring MAR usage in our docs.

If my trial usage estimate is higher than 500,000 MAR, can I select the Free Plan?

No, you are only eligible for Fivetran’s Free Plan if your usage is below 500,000 MAR.

What are all the features available on Fivetran’s Free Plan?

Our free plan includes access to all Standard plan features, including database connectors, 15-minute syncs, REST API, and more. View all our features here.

If I sign up for Fivetran, am I automatically on the Free Plan?

No, if you want to continue using Fivetran for free, you need to log in to your account and select the Free Plan.

When and how do I upgrade to a paid plan?

When your data volumes exceed the usage limit of 500,000 MAR, you may have outgrown the Free Plan. You can upgrade to a paid plan on your billing page.