Ciara Rafferty

Customer Marketing Lead

Fivetran Product Update: June 2024

Data insights

Five real-world examples of database analytics


How to set up Fivetran through Snowflake Partner Connect

Data insights

Building a 360° view of the customer at Huel

Data insights

Data engineers don’t want to do ETL

Data insights

Demand for data grows in agriculture

Data insights

Cloud migration: Best practices & benefits

Data insights

Five ways Fivetran users join data

Data insights

BI tools comparison


New feature: Column hashing

Data insights

How to engineer industry-leading data connectors

Company news

Fivetran 2019 Company Retreat: Gateway Canyons, Colorado


How Fivetran Helps You Stay Compliant With GDPR

Data insights

Why You Should Replace Excel With BI

Company news

Wrapping Up 2018 and Looking Forward to 2019


Now Live in Europe: Use Fivetran on EU Servers

Autodesk builds a culture of self-service data for 13,000+ employees

Oldcastle Infrastructure sees multiple millions of dollars in ROI with a modern data stack

Maravai LifeSciences modernizes financial analytics

Treatwell Automates Financial Processes With Fivetran

New Relic Centralizes Financial Data & Automates Reporting

Cars24 Drives Analysis Forward With Fivetran

Scalable Data Stack Helps Welcome Tech Empower Immigrants

Emery Sapp & Sons Builds Civil Infrastructure, Not Data Pipelines

DataCamp Builds Mission-Critical Dashboards, Not Pipelines

Ziff Davis Analyzes Ad & Website Data

Pet Circle Improves Customer Experience Through Data

Intercom easily integrates financial data

Ritual Improves Retention With a Modern Data Stack

Sendbird Scales With a Data-Driven DNA

Spendesk Spends Time on Analysis, Not ELT

MyParcel Brings in Data so Customers Can Send Packages

Fivetran Enables a Centralized Analytics Model at Braze

Newsela Powers Robust Marketing Analytics With Fivetran

DonorsChoose makes the right choice with a modern data stack

Exporo Leaves ELT to Fivetran, Invests in a Data Culture

Pleo Leaves Data Integration to Fivetran, Builds Out Beautiful BI

Fivetran Customer Video: Lob

PADNOS Better Services Customers Through the Use of Data

Trinet Leaves the Code to Fivetran, Delivers Reports 3x Faster

Skuid Saves Six Months of Engineering Time With Fivetran Transformations

Fivetran Customer Video: Fountain

Fivetran Customer Video: Optimizely

DocuSign Regains Engineering Time and Saves Money With Automated Data Pipelines

Digital Virgo Replaces 10-Year-Old Legacy Pipeline Solution With Fivetran

Fivetran Customer Story: Kiva

Crossmedia Delivers Advanced Data Products With Powered by Fivetran

Fivetran Customer Story:

Strava Centralizes Data, Runs With the Results

From Data-Reactive to Data-Informed: DiscoverOrg’s Move to the Modern Data Stack

With Centralized Data, Moroch Cuts Costs and Enhances Value

Fivetran Customer Story: BetterCloud

GuruShots Optimises User Experience With Centralised Event Data

Bringg Centralises Data and Reduces Reporting Time

Phorest Bridges HubSpot and Salesforce Data With Fivetran Connectors

Papier Builds Customer Attribution Model, Replaces Time-Consuming ETL

MindMax Automates ETL, Sees Benefits of a Modern Data Stack

How MVF Increased Rescued Revenue by Implementing a Modern Data Stack

Modern Data Stack Helps carwow Drive Business Forward

Hyper Hippo Productions gains deeper insights into player profiles

With Centralised Data, Homeday Optimises Marketing Campaigns and Activity

With Modern Data Stack, Ignition Group Leverages Holistic Data, Cuts Costs

Low-Code Platform Leader OutSystems Eliminates ETL Issues With Fivetran and Snowflake

Trustpilot Gives Fivetran a Five-Star Review for Zuora Connector

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