How to set up Fivetran through Snowflake Partner Connect

Step-by-step instructions for setting up Fivetran data pipelines through Snowflake Partner Connect.
May 18, 2022

Snowflake Partner Connect lets you quickly and easily create a Fivetran trial account that integrates with Snowflake. Once your trial is created using the seven simple steps below, Fivetran connectors deploy in under five minutes and automatically adjust to source changes, so your team can focus on generating insights instead of wrangling data. Fivetran also cleans and normalizes source data, so you can load it into your Snowflake warehouse and run complex queries immediately. 

Step one: Log in to your Snowflake account.

Ok, you’re in.

Step two: Select Admin in the gray section on the left side and then Partner Connect.

Step three: Select the Data Integration category just below the search bar.

Step four: Select the Fivetran tile, followed by Connect. Fivetran will auto-create an extra-small data warehouse inside of Snowflake to pipe your data into.

Step five: Once the account has been created, a pop-up will appear that states the account is ready to be activated. Select Activate.

Step six: After activation, you will be prompted to create a password before selecting START FREE TRIAL.

Step seven: After creating an account, you will be brought to the Fivetran UI, where you can add connectors and have all of your data at your fingertips.

After you have created and synced your first connector, your free 14-day trial starts. Fivetran will deliver the data you need in a timely manner and in an easy-to-query format.

If you have questions or require assistance at any point during the setup, our team is available. You can access our support team by selecting Support in your Fivetran account or emailing

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