Bringg Centralises Data and Reduces Reporting Time

With Jira and Zendesk connectors from Fivetran, Bringg doubles its data, reduces reporting time by 90%, and improves customer-support insights.

Key Takeaways

  • With Fivetran, Bringg has doubled the amount of data it has for BI.
  • It now takes half a day rather than five days to generate a report, and questions can be answered within minutes using dashboards.
  • Centralised data from Jira and Zendesk has helped Bringg resource-plan and build out its 24/7 help desk.

Data Stack

Pipeline: FivetranSources: Jira, ZendeskWarehouse: PanoplyBI Tool: Mode Analytics

Bringg, headquartered in Chicago and Tel-Aviv, is the leading delivery orchestration solution, providing enterprises with the most efficient way to manage their complex delivery operations. Some of the world's best-known brands in more than 50 countries utilize Bringg’s powerful SaaS platform, which offers the real-time capabilities they need in order to achieve logistical excellence across their delivery ecosystem. Market-leading companies from the retail, grocery, restaurant, consumer goods, logistics and services industries trust Bringg’s technology to streamline their logistical operations for peak efficiency, enable fully elastic logistics across multiple delivery models, and create perfect delivery experiences for their customers.

Building the Modern Data Stack

In search of a scalable solution for data reports, Ashley Rodan, Data Lead at Bringg, set up trials with Fivetran, Panoply and Mode, and was able to deliver reports within a few days. “We moved really quickly to seal the deal,” Rodan says. “These solutions enable us to provide insight into our operations via a straightforward process that allows us to analyze data we couldn’t measure in the past.”

Rodan was impressed with the quality of Fivetran connectors, which brought in more data than the competitors he trialled. “I haven’t seen any other connectors with this breadth of data,” Rodan explains. “Not only is the replication superb and super-easy to set up, but the data is reliable and any issues that arise are quickly resolved. Fivetran’s transparency and GDPR compliance further differentiate it from the rest.”

After an easy setup with Fivetran, Rodan was able to start warehousing the needed data using Panoply, while Mode allows Bringg to easily schedule and share reports.

“What I like about Mode is that it has really easy out-of-the-box sharing capabilities,” Rodan says. “You write SQL and get great-looking reports, and you can schedule them into Slack and email. It gives us speed, insight and flexibility in querying the data to build beautiful reports with filters and drill downs.”

Using Data to Provide Better Support to Customers

Fivetran gives Bringg access to reliable, up-to-date data from more sources than before. “I would say we have double the data compared to the point we started at,” Rodan admits. “Our data is now updated every five minutes, and it’s largely an automated process, which makes our reports even more effective.”

Bringg now operates more quickly and focuses on asking questions that it wasn’t able to ask before. “When the CTO asks about the status of something, I can answer within five minutes by looking at the dashboards,” Rodan says.

Since centralising Bringg’s support data, Rodan has built a dashboard that includes historical data and response times, broken down by customer — something that wasn’t possible before. This data has helped Bringg resource-plan, and it has helped inform the business’ strategy for building out its 24/7 help desk.

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About Fivetran: Shaped by the real-world needs of data analysts, Fivetran technology is the smartest, fastest way to replicate your applications, databases, events and files into a high-performance cloud warehouse. Fivetran connectors deploy in minutes, require zero maintenance, and automatically adjust to source changes — so your data team can stop worrying about engineering and focus on driving insights.

About Panoply: Panoply is a fully end-to-end cloud data warehouse and management service.

About Mode Analytics: Mode is a data analysis platform that combines a powerful, web-based SQL editor with charting and sharing tools.

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