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All your data organized in a full data warehouse in minutes, not months.

All your data, centralized

Focus on growing your business and not on your master data management or ETL tools. Instead of wasting precious development time on wrangling data integrations from all of your cloud services, let Fivetran's middleware do the heavy lifting, and focus instead on extracting the most insights from all your combined data.

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Full Strength SQL

No more using csv dumps and spreadsheets as the middleware between all your software as a service (saas) solutions. With Fivetran, all of your data is delivered to a relational data warehouse, so you can engage and understand what is going on across all of your data sources using the full power of SQL.

5 minute setup, literally

If you're not a middleware product and integrating all your data is not a core function of your business, then why spend more than 5 minutes focusing on it? Integrate your core cloud data with single authentications and get back to work on what you do best.

Amplify your favorite business intelligence (BI) tools

Once all your data is in a single location, connecting the world's most powerful visualization tools is a cinch. Use Fivetran to integrate your data, and your favorite analytics tool to help your business grow.


Put your combined data back to work

Once your data is combined and analyzed, use Fivetran's unique middleware layer to inject it back into the services that your entire team already uses.

For example, use Fivetran's middleware implementation of Lightning Connect to load any data from your data warehouse back into Salesforce, so that your team can access advanced reports directly in the tool they know best.

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