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From startups to the Fortune 500 — for analytics or operations — Fivetran is the trusted platform that extracts loads and transforms the world's data.
Trusted by thousands of data-driven companies
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Only pay for what you use
Instead of building expensive pipelines, automate with Fivetran and only pay for monthly active rows (MAR).
Use less, spend less on our usage-based pricing model; use more, save more
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unified platform

One platform for all your data movement

Fivetran is the automated data movement platform moving data out of, into and across your cloud data platforms.

We’ve automated the most time-consuming parts of the ELT process so your data engineers can focus on higher impact projects with total pipeline peace of mind.

The all in one data movement platform

Connect your data sources and move data to your target destinations with our automated, reliable and scalable data movement platform:

  • 300+ pre-built, no-code source connectors
  • Automated schema drift handling, updates, data normalization and more
  • Performant change data capture for efficient and low impact data movement
Move data with Fivetran

Accelerate your time to insight with automated transformations, including:

  • Quickstart data models to complement your connectors, no dbt project needed
  • Integration, management, and orchestration for your custom dbt Core models
  • Lineage graphs to monitor end-to-end data movement
Transform data with Fivetran

Protect your customers, data and reputation with automated and customizable security features, including:

  • CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, PCI, SOC2 certifications
  • Column blocking and hashing
  • Secure deployment and flexible connection options
Secure your data with Fivetran

Protect data in-flight from source to destination with automated governed data movement to support data democratization and self-service analytics:

  • Metadata sharing with data catalog integrations
  • Advanced role-based access control
  • Automated user provisioning
Protect your data with Fivetran

Leverage and extend the Fivetran platform to save development time and build better products with features including:

  • Workflow automation
  • Programmatically scale via the Fivetran API
  • Track data movement
Extend your data stack with Fivetran
The Fivetran difference

End-to-end automation, reliability and scale


Automation that frees your team to have a bigger impact without sacrificing quality.


Reliable performance to ensure your team’s valuable time is no longer spent on maintenance.


Grow your team, data volumes and business without slowing down for R&D.

database replication

Real-time database replication for the world’s largest workloads

The Fivetran platform manages the world’s largest workloads with numerous database replication methods (including change data capture) to power your real-time, low-impact data movement.

Secure database replication for every architecture

Run Fivetran in the cloud for a fully managed experience, on-premises to meet even the strictest of data security requirements or hybrid for the best of both architectures.

Fully managed

Fully managed

Fivetran cloud-hosted - you can choose the cloud service provider and region - for a fully managed and automated data movement experience.



Control when and how data moves from your on-premises environment to the cloud for efficient and secure database replication.



Prevent data from leaving your environment by deploying Fivetran in your VPC or on-premises to meet the strictest data movement requirements.

real-time replication

Speed and scale to move the biggest data volumes

Thousands of customers trust Fivetran to manage and move their most business critical data.

Database connectors managed for over 2,500 customers.
Database replication speeds with Fivetran’s high-volume change data capture capabilities.
Rows replicated with database connectors each month.

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The one-stop data shop

Powering every data initiative

Ingest and move the most crucial data from the most popular SaaS applications, the biggest operational and analytic workloads from on-prem and cloud databases, data warehouses, data lakes, and more.

Centralizing data

Bring your data together for advanced analytics and unlock insights for your business.

Replicate in real-time

Modernizing infrastructure

Migrate your operations to a more reliable, fast cloud-based infrastructure.

Start modernizing

Democratizing data

Achieve self-service analytics by removing bottlenecks without compromising on compliance.

Unlock analytics

Building data solutions

Extend the Fivetran platform to support your custom needs.

Build on Fivetran
Built for data teams


Spend less time integrating systems and more time centralizing data for reports and analysis.

Automate your data pipelines


If SQL or BI tools are your preferred method of working with data, you’ve come to the right place.

Scale your marketing analytics


If you are building with data, Fivetran’s API and webhooks make us the perfect platform to build with.

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JetBlue flies high with Fivetran to fuel
 real-time analytics

Thousands of companies trust Fivetran to centralize and transform their data.
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