Elvia Loya Enriquez

Senior Customer Advocacy Manager
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Nauto deploys Databricks, Fivetran and Hightouch to establish single source of truth

Redwood Logistics transforms the supply chain with Fivetran and Snowflake

Imperfect Foods increases reactivations by 53% with Fivetran

JetBlue flies high with Fivetran to fuel real-time analytics

Blend reaches terminal velocity with Fivetran

PostNL uses Fivetran for real-time data integration to Azure and AWS

Untitled unleashes customer data with Powered by Fivetran

WeWork scales secure data collaboration across 4,000+ employees with Fivetran

Fivetran and Snowflake enable business agility for World Fuel Services

Lendi makes data-driven decisions with Fivetran

Canva builds 360-degree customer view with Fivetran

Fivetran accelerates time to market for Daydream, an early-stage startup

Billie saves up to 20% warehousing cost with Apache Airflow and Fivetran

The secret sauce behind Databricks’ marketing analytics growth

Honeycomb Builds Sweet & Scalable Data Foundation

Taking the sting out of ParkBee's transition to a data-centric culture

Taylor & Francis Group Opts for Fully Managed Data Pipelines From Fivetran

HotelSpecials Leverages Snowplow + Fivetran for ROI of 1,200%

Brandwatch gains powerful automated data insights with Fivetran

Extra! Extra! News Outlet Kaleva Media Forges a Data-Driven Culture.

Square Banks on Fivetran for Effortless Data Centralization

Replicating Sharded Databases: A Case Study of SalesLoft, Citus Data and Fivetran

Replicating Data Into a Warehouse as Easy as "Set It and Forget It"

Startup Embraces Fivetran, Sees Data-Driven Culture Blossom

Sharethrough Deploys Fivetran to Centralize Valuable Contextual Data

Case Study: Sharethrough

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