Untitled unleashes customer data with Powered by Fivetran

Untitled’s innovative platform helps its customers centralize and leverage their data to increase business efficiency and revenues using a modern data stack

“Fivetran is one of the most important inventions in the modern data stack. Fivetran solves both upstream and downstream problems. If we don't have to think about integration and data loading, life gets a lot easier.”

– Aaron Peabody, CTO of Untitled

Key Results:

  • Enabled Untitled Firm to develop their platform rapidly, enabling its customers to use data more productively and make better decisions
  • Fivetran offloaded the time-intensive process of creating and managing connectors that would normally burn engineering hours
  • Allowed Untitled’s teams to focus on building analytics for its customers — not data plumbing

Modern Data Stack

  • Data warehouse: Snowflake
  • Data pipeline: Fivetran
  • dbt Core
  • Analytics tool: Sisense
  • Connectors: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Klaviyo, LinkedIn Ad Analytics, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Shopify, Zendesk

Untitled is building a platform to help its clients leverage data across departments. Untitled’s data products enable non-technical staff to use them to derive key insights and, as CTO and co-founder Aaron Peabody says, “do a lot of cool stuff very quickly.” That translates into increased revenue, decreased operating costs, sophisticated AI and ML capabilities, and in some cases, new products or entirely new business lines. 

Insight and Scale without Technical Headaches 

Traditionally, building data pipelines to get data from point A to point B is one of the most time-consuming parts of any data project, accounting for as much as 44% of data engineers’ time.

To build its modern data stack, Untitled uses Powered by Fivetran (PBF), an automated data integration solution that allow end-users to connect their data to an analytic application or portal, entirely on their own. PBF also includes all of the perks found in standard Fivetran including 180+ pre-built and fully managed connectors for a wide variety of data sources.

“I used to build data pipelines from scratch, and they always felt so fragile,” says Aaron Peabody, CTO at Untitled Firm. “With Fivetran, I was like ‘Wow. It’s like I have a full stack team by myself.’”

Untitled’s team is able to quickly spin up prototypes of new features and move them to beta testing without having to tie up its engineers or blink an eye at data integration work. The company can focus on building dashboards and reports from customer-owned data sources – with minimal coding and engineering overhead – rather than the drudgery of data pipeline management.

Unlocking Data Leads to Transformational Business Results

Using these rapidly deployed data pipelines, Untitled Firm helps its customers, such as Delta Dental and Papa John’s, get answers to important business questions, such as:

  • What’s the ROI of advertising dollars?
  • How can we predict customer churn better?
  • How effective are our customer service and support operations?
  • Which sales channels (online, retail, distribution) are the most profitable?
  • What are the characteristics of our best-performing employees?

This in turn gives Untitled’s customers tremendous advantages. “Our customers can quickly see the opportunity of what they're investing in, and they don’t have to wait for months while we design and write our code,” Peabody says. 

Because of Untitled’s platform, users with little to no technical expertise can mine for insights that would typically only be findable by a data scientist. Clients can do more with fewer resources, which makes it possible to scale.

The firm deploys data visualizations and prescriptive actions for its customers in days or weeks, instead of months.

With Powered by Fivetran, the firm makes it incredibly easy for its customers to connect their data to its platform. Following a simple workflow in the Untitled user interface, customers simply indicate which data source they’d like to connect to, enter their credentials for that source, and data begins to flow from their source to Untitled’s platform. This self-authentication workflow is supported by a Fivetran feature called Connect Cards.

“The value our team and our customers get from Fivetran is speed,” adds Peabody. “Fivetran liberates data from business constraints, empowering us to deliver more automation, advanced analytics and AI and ML projects for our customers.”

Dive deeper in how Untitled Firm effortlessly connects to its customer data and creates powerful analytic applications – using Powered by Fivetran.

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