Announcing Business Critical Fivetran for Snowflake Customers

Address enterprise security requirements with customer-managed keys, AWS PrivateLink and additional compliance certifications.
June 8, 2021

Business Critical Fivetran (BCF) is the most secure way to load data into Snowflake Data Cloud — and we’re excited to announce exclusive early access for Snowflake customers. BCF is designed to eliminate the burden of building and maintaining data pipelines while meeting the rigorous data security needs of the enterprise.

To take full advantage of the Snowflake Data Cloud, you need a secure, efficient and performant way to ingest data from the broad array of source data systems that your company leverages. An increasing number of enterprises are adopting automated, fully managed data pipelines that support their journey to a modern data stack.

Every data stack is unique, however, and enterprise data security requirements add additional hurdles. For example, enterprises must enable access to data source systems and Snowflake Data Cloud, which raises questions about how to keep those connections completely secure. In addition, enterprises are often running on different cloud infrastructures in different geographies, and may be subject to regional data residency requirements. And enterprises with strict industry regulatory policies need to meet rigorous data privacy and compliance requirements.  

Suddenly, moving data from your source systems into Snowflake is not so simple. Fivetran helps by automating your data pipeline process and ensuring that your data remains secure throughout its entire journey. Business Critical Fivetran provides Snowflake customers with the most secure data integration platform around, including a set of security features and certifications designed to address all your data security requirements.

Christian Kleinerman, Senior Vice President of Product at Snowflake, offers this perspective on the new offering:

Protecting sensitive customer data within the Snowflake Data Cloud has always been one of our top priorities. We recognize the critical importance of data security to our enterprise customers and understand the trust customers place in Snowflake to ensure all their data is safe. We’re proud to have a partner like Fivetran who shares this perspective and is investing significant resources to support the secure integration of data into Snowflake. The new Business Critical Fivetran offering is the perfect complement to our own Business Critical Edition, allowing enterprises with extremely sensitive data to create secure, automated data pipelines into Snowflake.

Our Business Critical plan includes all the capabilities of our Enterprise plan, but also introduces a new set of features to support the needs of enterprises with extremely sensitive data. They include:

  • Support for AWS PrivateLink to keep data within AWS and avoid sending traffic over the public internet
  • Customer-managed encryption keys that provide complete control over, and visibility into, every individual accessing data, with the ability to revert access at any time
  • PCI DSS Level 1 validation that enables customers to connect Fivetran to systems within their PCI boundary

These Business Critical plan features supplement existing security measures across all Fivetran plans, including:

  • Customer-controlled support access, granting customers complete approve/deny control for all data access by Fivetran staff
  • ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 (Type 2) certification validating our global security processes
  • GDPR and HIPAA compliance
  • Stringent data encryption protocols to secure data that moves through Fivetran, whether at rest or in motion

To learn more about Business Critical Fivetran and our early access program for Snowflake customers, please register your interest here. And for any Snowflake customers attending the Snowflake Summit, please visit the Fivetran virtual booth and speak with one of our representatives about how we can better automate and secure your data pipelines!

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