Fivetran Wins Key Snowflake Partner Award: Best Customer-Focused Integration

At Snowflake Summit 2019 in San Francisco, Snowflake honored Fivetran for its engineering speed and seamless integration with Snowflake via Partner Connect.
June 4, 2019

At Fivetran, our mission is to simplify data engineering through automation and applied expertise. We think data teams should be able to centralize data from any source and transform it in-warehouse — without ever worrying about building or maintaining data pipelines.

So we’re gratified to receive the Best Customer-Focused Integration award from Snowflake. Announced at the 2019 Snowflake Summit, the award acknowledges two accomplishments: collaborating on a Snowflake-Fivetran integration, Partner Connect, which makes it easy to set up Fivetran connectors within the Snowflake UI; and quickly delivering new connectors in response to a customer request. As a high-growth innovator, Snowflake appreciates that kind of speed and responsiveness. We're both cloud-first infrastructure companies, which means we share similar goals: ease of use and rapid insights for our customers.

With over 180 joint customers, and many more on the way, the Snowflake-Fivetran partnership is stronger than ever. Fivetran is a Snowflake Platinum Partner, and we recently earned the EMEA Technology Partner of the Year award and the “Get It Done” Partner of the Year award. We look forward to continuing to serve Snowflake customers in 2019 and beyond.

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