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Online purchasing makes it easy to get started with Fivetran.
September 8, 2020

You have a lot of options when it comes to loading data into a centralized data warehouse. It’s prudent to evaluate all options, costs and benefits. You’re interested in Fivetran because you know that we’re the easiest and most reliable service in the market, but you’re not quite ready to commit or you don’t have the cash flow to support an annual purchase. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. I am so happy to announce that Fivetran now offers an online purchasing option where you may “pay as you go” with a credit card. What this means is that you can benefit from the full power of our data replication quickly, easily and flexibly.


By default, all new Fivetran accounts enjoy a 14-day free trial after your first historical sync completes. From there, we used to require a sales-led contracting process for an annual purchase. Now, you’ve got a new option: you can enter a credit card at any time during your free trial. Adding a card requires selecting a plan level, adding your billing information (card information, billing address etc.), confirming our standard master service agreement, and you’re in! At the end of the trial, you will start consuming MAR, and we will bill you monthly for your consumption in arrears at our list price. So fast!


I outlined the process for buying with a credit card above, but what I left out are the steps involved with a traditional annual contract. Buyers often need to go through several sales conversations, involve legal, finance and/or procurement teams from both sides, and evaluate the decision for a full-year commitment -- which is not easy to say the least! With credit card purchasing, we eliminate all of that. Try it first with a credit card, and then opt into a full contract whenever you’re ready for an annual commitment where you will enjoy the additional benefits of your Fivetran account team along with annual discounts.


Monthly payments let you manage your cash flow as you need and you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your self-service plan at any time – so that going with Fivetran is zero risk. Additionally, as your analytical needs grow or shrink leading to more or fewer connectors for a period, your monthly consumption will account for that change, enabling you to manage your costs as you need to. The monthly nature of the USD payment structure also supports international buyers who may be concerned about currency fluctuations.

In addition to the financial flexibility, our online purchasing enables you to buy any and all plans available at Fivetran so you can get going with a Starter plan or try out our comprehensive Enterprise offering at any time. All plans purchased through our app qualify for the same access and 24/7 customer support as those sold through our sales team. We’re giving you the power and flexibility to choose what works best for you and your business.

Early results are awesome. Our first monthly customer, Joao Costa, Co-Founder & CTO/CPO of Kovi says:

“​Given our fast growth and the BRL/USD exchange rate variation, we always try to avoid paying for volume services quarterly, and this is a no-go situation for us. The new online purchasing model allowed us to have more flexibility and only pay for what we use."

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