Introducing Consumption-Based Pricing

We're moving to a new pricing model that better reflects our actual costs and the value we offer our customers.
February 29, 2020

Today, Fivetran is moving to a consumption-based pricing model for all new customers and renewals of existing customers. We believe that a good pricing model should:

  • Be as simple as possible.
  • Be objective and transparent.
  • Reflect the value the customer gets from Fivetran.
  • Reflect Fivetran's actual costs.

Our new model is designed to produce prices that are similar to our old, connector-based pricing model but better reflect these values. Under our new pricing model, you will be charged based on what you use, defined as the number of monthly active rows. You can read the detailed definition at

How Does This Model Reflect These Values?

Pricing based on a single metric is as simple as possible. Each month, your consumption is calculated based on the number of monthly active rows across all connectors in your account. All connectors are treated equally, so you can add and remove connections over time. Initial syncs are free, so you won't consume a high volume of MAR immediately when you connect a new, large data source. If you are a pay-as-you-go customer, you’re charged on a monthly basis based on the volumes you consume. If you commit to an annual agreement with Fivetran, you commit to a certain amount of money, a contracted spend. Each month, your consumption of MAR is pulled from your total contracted spend.

Our public-facing pricing page is objective and transparent. The formulas for calculating consumption are on our website. As your monthly usage increases, the cost per row declines automatically, so if your usage is higher than you expected, you'll get a better rate without having to renegotiate.

Monthly active rows reflect the value the customer gets from Fivetran. Based on our years of historical data and extensive customer interviews, the most valuable data sources do tend to have the highest data volumes. Furthermore, customers who use these data sources heavily tend to create more active rows.

Monthly active rows also reflect Fivetran's actual costs. Fivetran has two primary costs: the infrastructure costs of moving the data, and the maintenance costs of designing sync strategies that work despite the myriad corner cases and incidental complexity of each data source. In our years of experience, we've found that both of these costs correlate well with monthly active rows.

Finally, consumption-based pricing makes us more similar to other data integration providers and to analytics infrastructure providers such as AWS, Databricks and Snowflake. When comparing our pricing to competitors, keep in mind that monthly active rows are 10 to 100 times smaller than the raw number of rows. We have estimates of the typical consumption of various data sources based on extensive historical data, and our sales team is always available to help you estimate your usage. We hope this model will make it easier to adopt Fivetran and ensure that you benefit from the years of effort we've put in to make data integration automated, correct and fast.

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