New connector: Zendesk Sunshine

Centralize your CRM data and perfect your customer experience.
March 11, 2021

Zendesk Sunshine is a flexible, modern CRM (customer relationship management) platform that connects all your customer data, giving you a complete picture of your customer.

With the help of CRMs such as Zendesk Sunshine, organizations are already experiencing the benefits of tracking communication, leads, and sales activities. Centralizing this information gives organizations the freedom to build the best experience possible for their customers.

While managing customer relationships is an impactful activity in itself, loading and transforming your CRM data into your data warehouse opens a world of opportunities to combine this data with your other data sources and get a complete picture of your customer pipeline. Stakeholders can easily manage pipeline health, sales velocity, forecasts, lead conversions, and more to perfect their customer experience. Fivetran provides reliable and seamless data management solutions to empower organizations to build an experience based on the voices of their customers.

Getting started: If you have a Zendesk Sunshine account, set up the connector here to centralize your data. For more technical information about our Zendesk Sunshine connector, visit our documentation. For more powerful and robust metrics, connect all of your other data sources from our directory of 150+ connectors.

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