New Connector: Coupa

Enhance your financial analytics with our new Coupa integration.
May 10, 2021

As your organization grows, determining where your finance team can streamline operations and where it can spend becomes more complex. Departments need to add headcount and tools to maximize their efficiency, and project scopes must be planned for.

If you’re able to combine spend data with data from your other tools, such as CRMs and issue-tracking systems, you’ll be better able to identify gaps — and this is where Fivetran and spend management platform Coupa come in.

If you’re a Coupa customer, you already understand the breadth of these built-in tools for analyzing your spend data. You can take this one step further by continuing to add more data points from other tools that you’re already paying for. Some examples of this are:

  • Unlocking accounts data in Salesforce and meshing this with your financial ERP data
  • Leveraging incoming revenue data from NetSuite or your production database
  • Joining your data with data from an issue-tracking tool such as Jira to determine where the intersection between milestone planning and spend is

By combining the benefits of Coupa with the benefits you already get from your tools of choice, you’ll be able to unlock further insights and paint a complete picture of your spend funnel. And when your team has rapid access to data from Coupa, they can quickly troubleshoot failures and improve performance.

If you have a Coupa account, set up the connector here to centralize your data.

For more technical information about our Coupa connector, visit our documentation.

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