Keynote speakers revealed for the Modern Data Stack Conference 2021

Hear from data leaders from Fivetran, Databricks, and more at our second annual community event.
August 19, 2021

The Modern Data Stack Conference is taking place virtually September 22–23, bringing together the best minds and industry leaders across data analytics and engineering. Join us for two action-packed days and 40+ sessions, as we explore how to empower data-driven decisions that drive ideas and businesses forward.

The community response to last year’s conference exceeded our wildest expectations. This year, we’re bringing even more people together as we expand from one to four virtual stages with talks for data engineers, data analysts, data team leaders and product managers. You’ll hear from 50+ speakers representing some of the biggest names in data, and each day kicks off with a thought-provoking keynote.

An Executive Eye on the Future State of Analytics

SEPT 22 @ 9 AM PST: Join George Fraser, CEO & Co-Founder of Fivetran, Ali Ghodsi, CEO & Co-Founder of Databricks, and Rohan Kumar, VP Azure Data at Microsoft Azure for a spirited discussion on the future of analytics. We'll explore how teams and tools are changing analytics as we know it, the next big "disruption" to this industry, and how the modern data stack will evolve to further impact analytics, data team and individual roles within a company. We'll also hear from Ali how Databricks utilizes the modern data stack and how they are driving their analytics program forward.

Moral Psychology: How to Persuade People Who Aren’t Moved by Data Alone

SEPT 23 @ 9 AM PST: People are rarely moved to change their important beliefs by data alone. Research on moral psychology shows that emotions, intuitions, and stories are often more powerful, yet people who love data often fail to realize this. Professor Jonathan Haidt, Social Psychologist at NYU-Stern and best-selling author, will present the three main principles of moral psychology and show you how you can use them to supplement data-driven presentations.

A Look Into the Future of Fivetran

SEPT 23 @ 2:30 PM PST: Join Fivetran’s VP of Product, Fraser Harris, as we reveal Fivetran’s upcoming product roadmap, the big bets we are taking, and how Fivetran is evolving to meet the latest industry trends and needs of our customers.

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