Fivetran Supports Customer 360 Projects With New Heap Integration

Our new integration will help you optimize your product analytics.
March 24, 2021

With 70% of companies increasing their spend on real-time customer analytics, it’s becoming increasingly important to build a consolidated view of your customer experience to maintain your competitive advantage.

This is why solutions like Heap are only continuing to become increasingly critical to deploy for your application tracking. If you’re already a Heap user, then you’ve likely enjoyed benefits such as simple events capturing without the repetitive pixel setup, and will be looking for the next step in your product and customer analytics journey. This usually takes the form of providing additional context to other facets of your business by centralized integration!

Customer 360 Analytics

Through Heap’s native analytics, you’ll have a general overview of your customer journey through product usage volume to create your prospect to customer funnel, but your product analytics shouldn’t end there.

By integrating Heap into your centralized analytics destination, you can create a holistic analytics program to include:

  • Which user actions indicate signs of customer churn and retention
  • Using customer flows to understand how to build out your product roadmap based on metrics such as usage and time on feature or page
  • Map user actions from trials to sales cycles to understand how to set up successful evaluations for increased closed-won revenue

Every Fivetran account comes with a 14 day free trial, where the 14 day counter doesn’t begin until after you’ve already finished an initial historical sync. If you’re already a Fivetran customer, you can add the Heap connector today free of charge for 14 days as well!

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