New Fivetran pricing delivers greater accessibility to customers

Unlimited resyncs, moving from credits to dollars, new pricing plan, and more.
February 1, 2022

At Fivetran, our product strategy is simple. We listen to our customers and build the features they need to succeed. The constant feedback loop we have with our customers is important not only to what connectors or security features we develop, but also the ways in which we evolve our pricing model.

Today, we’re bringing changes to our pricing plans with the goal of creating more transparency in places customers have asked for, making our offering more accessible to small teams and most importantly, helping us continue to invest in industry-leading reliability, security, support and breadth of connectors to deliver value for your business.

As our pricing changes, we want to make sure that you are aware of what we are doing and what it means for you. 

We’re making resyncs free

All Fivetran-triggered resyncs and customer-triggered resyncs will be free for every connector at Fivetran. This includes connector-triggered resyncs from log-based replications on database connectors – a scenario we commonly see when database logs expire. We believe removing the cost of resyncs will deliver savings for your business, create a smoother customer experience and make it easier for you to predict your monthly usage. 

For existing customers, you can expect to see these changes upon annual account renewal. For monthly, pay-as-you-go users, this goes into effect starting today, February 1st. 

We’re phasing out credits 

We’ve heard feedback that purchasing credits and then exchanging them for monthly active rows (MAR) each month makes Fivetran harder to understand. For this reason, we’re phasing out our credit model for all new and recontracted accounts at Fivetran. Instead, customers can simply commit to spending a certain number of dollars and be charged for the number of MAR used each month from that spend. This is a small, semantic change, but it will make Fivetran easier to explain and understand for new users. 

We’re reducing the cost for small teams to get started 

One of our key learnings from customer research is that there are many businesses that want access to the modern data stack, but they have limited volumes, sources or budget. Our brand new Standard Select plan offers customers all of the benefits of our Standard plan at a lower price point, for usage up to 0.5M MAR and one user. This is perfect for an analyst or engineer who needs a self-service, modern pipeline solution at an affordable price for small volumes of data and a limited number of sources. This addition will make data pipelines more accessible and affordable, allowing your team to get going and scale as your volumes grow.

We’re updating key features of our pricing plans 

With the acquisition of HVR, we have taken some first steps towards integration, which includes bringing together our two companies' plans to reflect the services, features and capabilities of both. As a result, we are moving some of our most performant databases up to a higher tier – specifically our Oracle database connector, which will be at the Enterprise and Business Critical level. 

Additional changes to plans include the introduction of seats. Per seat pricing will allow for individual users to adopt Fivetran, without the fear of being overcharged, and make it easy for customers to manage and predict their costs. Our Starter plan is available for a maximum of 10 seats. Our higher tier plans – Standard, Enterprise and Business Critical – that are adopted by larger teams have an unlimited number of seats. 

Finally, we are making adjustments to our pricing curve – creating a more linear relationship between spend and MAR. This change to the curve will make Fivetran more accessible for customers with low data volumes, and customers with higher data volumes may see slight price increases. 

We are confident that these changes will help ensure the high standard of service and value that you receive from Fivetran, along with allowing us to provide a host of new, feedback-driven features to increase simplicity and accessibility. As always, we expect and hope you will keep the feedback coming, so we can continue to improve all aspects of Fivetran. 

In case you missed it, read about all the enhancements we’ve made to Fivetran’s product and services in 2021. We can’t wait to see what you’ll build in 2022!

To learn more about our consumption-based pricing, head over to our documentation or reach out to your account manager to discuss how these pricing changes will impact your business.

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