Fivetran automated cloud data integration now deploys on AWS

Joint customers can now stay within AWS for all cloud services and minimize data movement costs.
August 4, 2021

Fivetran has a rich history of working successfully with AWS customers and AWS services. Still, our AWS customers have often requested AWS-specific deployment of Fivetran, for two main reasons:

  • To meet policies and requirements to stay with AWS for all cloud services
  • To minimize egress and ingress costs

We’re excited to share with you that Fivetran now enables both of these for AWS customers. With our Fivetran Enterprise and Business Critical plans, you can now choose the cloud provider (AWS or Google Cloud) on which to run Fivetran services.

Benefits of Fivetran on AWS

We understand that your organization may have policies and preferences concerning certain cloud providers, which means you might go “all in” on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. Perhaps you even have contracts in place with your own customers to guarantee that data remains in a specific cloud. With AWS support, Fivetran can now help you meet the requirements of your IT, security, procurement and legal teams.

In addition to requirements around cloud providers, your organization likely also has requirements around data residency, which is why we have rolled out support for AWS deployment across the U.S., EU, U.K. and Australia, with more geographies coming soon.

Lowering costs

Customers may wish to better control egress and ingress costs associated with data moving in or out of their primary cloud provider. Operating Fivetran processes in the same cloud region reduces these costs.

Security and compliance

Fivetran on AWS includes all of our robust security capabilities and compliance certifications:

  • SOC 2 Type II. Fivetran undergoes an annual audit report and includes detailed information about the processes Fivetran follows in delivering our service to customers.
  • ISO 27001. Certification provides a standardized confirmation for customers regarding security best practices and capabilities.
  • HIPAA. Fivetran will sign a business associate agreement (BAA) with customers who are subject to HIPAA mandates.
  • PCI DSS Level 1 validation. Enabling customers to connect Fivetran to their PCI validated data sources and destinations and transmit cardholder data to their PCI validated destination.

Finally, there is a shared responsibility model between AWS and Fivetran. AWS maintains industry-leading security and compliance, including every program Fivetran maintains.

Keeping your options open with multi-cloud

Some customers may have requirements to run on AWS as well as other public clouds. For example, perhaps your company runs on AWS and you just acquired another company running on a different cloud. Don’t worry – we still have you covered.  Fivetran is multi-cloud, and we can orchestrate data between clouds. Fivetran components may be deployed across different clouds while managed from one console. You can deploy Fivetran on either AWS or Google Cloud, and plans for other providers are underway.

Download the Fivetran security white paper to learn more about Fivetran security features, processes and certifications.

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