Introducing the industry’s most secure cloud data integration platform

Fivetran Business Critical meets the needs of enterprises with extremely sensitive data and strict compliance requirements.

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, Fivetran Business Critical, targeted at helping enterprises with sensitive data meet stringent data security and data privacy requirements. The Fivetran Business Critical product tier offers enterprises the highest level of protection for sensitive data, enabling them to create a secure and compliant modern data stack.

As more enterprises migrate data to the cloud, they need to ensure that both internal and customer data, including personally identifiable information (PII), is fully protected. They face a growing number of data security and privacy requirements, including regulations like GDPR and compliance measures like HIPAA. Fivetran Business Critical provides management of these requirements ― including HIPAA and PCI DSS Level 1 ― and is the only ELT SaaS product today to do so. This allows enterprises in the healthcare, retail, finance and ecommerce industries to meet industry data security and privacy requirements.

The modern data stack requires secure data pipelines

Enterprises need to transition to more modern, cloud-based data infrastructures without lowering their security and privacy standards. The components of a modern data stack — new cloud service provider, cloud data warehouse, cloud object storage, cloud-based ELT provider, etc. — each introduce some element of complexity and will require a security evaluation. In addition, with each new component, enterprises need to evaluate data access control. All this raises new challenges for data architects and enterprise security teams.

Secure data integration questions enterprises need to address

Implementing a modern data stack, and more specifically automating a company's data pipelines, will require enterprise teams to address some of the following security questions:

  1. How do I prevent sensitive data from traversing the public internet?  
  2. How should I reduce legacy data stack complexity by eliminating gateways, NAT devices, VPN connections, and public IP address requirements to simplify my architecture and reduce the surface area for security gaps?  
  3. Am I subject to any rules on data residency, requiring data to exist within a specific geographic region of my cloud service provider?
  4. Do I have an on-premise enterprise database with sensitive data and do I need to sync this with my cloud environment?
  5. Do I have any requirements to create and own internal encryption keys and to control their use?  

Fivetran Business Critical: built for enterprise data security

The Fivetran Business Critical product tier offers a set of key security-related features for enterprises. Building on our expertise in providing enterprises with fully managed data pipelines, Business Critical offers our enterprise customers the highest level of protection for sensitive data, enabling them to create a more secure, high-performing modern data stack that meets internal and regulatory requirements.

Business Critical provides an end-to-end, fully managed and secure data integration platform for enterprise customers and customers of partners such as Snowflake and Amazon Web Services (AWS). It offers private networking capabilities to mitigate the risk of data traversing the public internet, as well as data residency options, giving companies the ability to select their cloud service provider and cloud geography, as well as the specific cloud region, to ensure requirements are met. The product features are in alignment with the Snowflake Business Critical plan, allowing Snowflake customers to create the most secure modern data stack, built on AWS.

Christian Kleinerman, Senior Vice President of Product at Snowflake, describes the Fivetran-Snowflake security partnership this way:

Protecting sensitive customer data within the Snowflake Data Cloud has always been one of our top priorities. We recognize the critical importance of data security to our enterprise customers and understand the trust customers place in Snowflake to ensure all their data is safe. We’re proud to have a partner like Fivetran who shares this perspective and is investing significant resources to support the secure integration of data into Snowflake. The new Fivetran Business Critical offering is the perfect complement to our own Business Critical Edition, allowing enterprises with extremely sensitive data to create secure, automated data pipelines into Snowflake.

Key features of Fivetran Business Critical include:

  • Private networking with AWS PrivateLink. With data residency options and AWS PrivateLink, Fivetran connects to customers' source and/or destination databases that are hosted in AWS, without routing data over the public internet.
  • Enterprise-level security for cloud migration. Delivers the ability to securely migrate on-premise database(s) into a cloud data platform, whether data warehouse or data lake, while ensuring compliance requirements are met.  
  • Customer-managed keys. Business Critical uses a customer-operated KMS system to hold the master encryption key that Fivetran uses to encrypt credentials and temporary data processed in the service. This enables immediate termination of connector activity by the customer in case of a breach or other security event.
  • PCI DSS Level 1 Validation. PCI DSS Level 1 validation ensures protection for our customers who process credit card and cardholder data. This validation also allows enterprises within the retail, finance and ecommerce industries to meet industry data security and privacy requirements.

Fivetran customer Penguin Random House had this to say about Fivetran Business Critical with AWS PrivateLink capability:

We're really excited to try the new Business Critical offering and we expect it will provide great value to Penguin Random House. We selected Fivetran as a key component of our modern data stack as we wanted to focus on rapid deployment of data pipelines to drive value and automation to enable us to scale quickly. Data security is always a primary consideration and we expect the AWS PrivateLink capability will support us to securely integrate a wider variety of data sources than we have used before. We are also optimistic that the simplified connectivity may offer us some performance gains too!

The release of our Business Critical plan is yet another example of how we’re listening to our enterprise customers and working hard to provide enterprise-specific features and security capabilities. And, in case you missed it, Gartner recently validated our growth and progress in the data integration market by including us in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant on Data Integration — it’s our second consecutive appearance.

To learn more about how you can better secure your data pipelines and protect your sensitive company data, please check out our new Business Critical plan. You can also request a demo of Business Critical.

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