Fivetran Hosts Second Annual Modern Data Stack Conference on September 22–23, 2021

September 7, 2021

AWS, Databricks, Looker, Microsoft and Snowflake headline a group of 50+ modern data stack leaders who will share insights into the future of analytics

OAKLAND, Calif.--Fivetran, the leading automated data integration provider, today announced the return of the Modern Data Stack Conference, the live virtual conference dedicated to the community of data professionals who have helped develop and evangelize the modern data stack. The two-day event will bring together hundreds of data analysts, data engineers and other data-driven professionals to share the latest technology and best practices in modern analytic processes and technologies.

With a spotlight this year on transformation, speakers and presenters will focus on the transformations they experienced within their analytics teams and the new insights and tooling they enabled. They will also share the best practices they employ to drive data-driven insights. Attendees of all professional levels — from longtime veterans to industry newcomers — will learn strategies, tactics and tools to help their organizations become data-driven. Throughout the event, community-building activities and networking sessions will be available to drive peer-to-peer conversations and encourage collaboration.

Free to attend, the all-virtual event will feature more than 40 sessions over two days, including keynotes, panels, interactive workshops and how-to sessions. Sponsors of the conference include Fivetran, AWS, Snowflake and Databricks — as well as over 30 other modern data stack leaders.

Keynote speakers include: Fivetran CEO George Fraser; Ali Ghodsi, CEO and co-founder of Databricks; Rohan Kumar, Corporate VP Azure Data at Microsoft Azure; and Jonathan Haidt, author, social psychologist and professor at New York University.

Interactive workshops, technical panels and how-to sessions will feature expert data analytics professionals from Okta, Netflix, Chick-fil-A and Netlify, among others.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the tremendous positive response to our Modern Data Stack Conference last year and look forward to bringing the community another two days of engaging, thought-provoking discussions with some of the industry’s leading visionaries,” said Fivetran CEO George Fraser. “Our speakers will share real-world experiences about how they’re transforming their businesses and profession. The goal is for all attendees, from industry veterans to new data professionals, to leave the event armed with practical strategies and tactics to make the most of the modern data stack.”

The conference will cover the following topics:

  • The Future of the Modern Data Stack: Which tools and technologies are shaping its evolution?
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Data: How do you avoid analysis paralysis? Can you make data-backed decisions when the data’s not there? Enjoy bracing honesty from a diverse collection of data experts.
  • Building a Modern Data Stack for Your Company Type and Growth Stage: Expanding into a multi-cloud solution? Building an analytics program from the ground up? There’s a stack for you.
  • Modern Data Stack Best Practices: From security and data lakes to data visualization and transformation, learn optimal techniques for building and maintaining your stack.
  • A Modern Data Stack for Every Department: Learn how data teams are decreasing time to insight for the departments they support.

New this year, Fivetran will unveil the winners of the inaugural Modern Data Stack Awards at the conference. The awards recognize the world's most innovative data teams and the unsung data heroes who provide actionable insights that can transform communities, businesses and careers.

To register for the event and view the full agenda, please visit:

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