Fivetran Extends Integration With dbt to Help Companies Accelerate Value From Their Data

October 19, 2022

Fivetran Named a dbt Metrics Ready Partner Under New Semantic Layer

OAKLAND, Calif. October 18, 2022 – Fivetran, the global leader in modern data integration, today announced its status as a Metrics Ready Partner with dbt Labs, the maintainers of dbt data transformation frameworks. As a Metrics Ready Partner, Fivetran’s dbt packages enable building dbt models and metrics for use in dbt projects, helping customers derive value from their data quicker and easier. 

The dbt Semantic Layer enables organizations to centrally define key business metrics like “revenue,” “customer count” or “churn rate” in dbt, and query them in downstream analytics tools. This allows everyone in the business to feel confident that they are working from the same assumptions as their colleagues, regardless of their data tooling of choice. If a metric definition is updated in dbt, it is seamlessly updated everywhere, ensuring consistency throughout the business.

“dbt provides organizations of all sizes the tools they need to use their data efficiently,” said Callum McCann, Senior Developer Experience Advocate at dbt Labs. “As a dbt Metrics Ready Partner, Fivetran helps these organizations get value out of their data in record time by providing off-the-shelf metrics for some of their most popular data sources. By reducing the time to value from days to minutes, these organizations can get value from the dbt Semantic layer faster than ever. We are proud to partner with Fivetran and work together to bring the dbt Community more ways for them to positively impact their business.” 

Fivetran’s dbt packages complement its robust connector library by building out-of-the-box, analytics-ready data models and metrics in dbt. These data models are standalone dbt projects with packaged SQL scripts that transform raw data into analytics-ready datasets. Fivetran develops and maintains dbt packages for popular sources and is continually adding more sources

As a Metrics Ready Partner, Fivetran can now enhance its pre-built data models with rich metric definitions. This ensures all stakeholders are aligned on the data and understand the meaning of metrics, which decreases bottlenecks and ensures customers have access to quality metrics faster. Fivetran and dbt Labs are committed to increasing data trust, by improving data accuracy and integrity. 

“Deepening our partnership with dbt Labs as a Metrics Ready Partner brings more value and a better user experience for all of our shared customers,” said Fraser Harris, Vice President of Product at Fivetran. “A big value add of dbt metrics has been to provide insights into how raw data turns into metrics, and this aligns perfectly with Fivetran’s focus on transparency around source data. More transparency in data pipelines equals better quality, more consistent metrics, and ultimately better analytics outcomes for our customers.” 

To learn more about Fivetran’s metrics capabilities within the dbt Labs Semantic Layer, visit the Fivetran blog

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