Technology partners

Our technology partners add value by integrating seamlessly with Fivetran data products.

Strategic partners

We partner with select market leaders and invest in deep integrations that allow our customers to maximize the power of each platform.

Amazon Web Services
Powering your data movement for Amazon Redshift.
Simplify data movement for the modern data stack.
Powering your data movement for the data cloud.
Google Cloud
Automated data flows into Google Cloud to maximize the value of BigQuery.
Microsoft Azure
Powering your data movement with Fivetran for Microsoft Azure.
The Power of Partnership

“As enterprises choose Azure for their data platform, this integration with Fivetran will allow customers to deploy Fivetran data integration services within Azure — particularly with Azure Synapse. We look forward to this continued collaboration between Azure and Fivetran that will accelerate any organization’s ability to transform data into actionable insights.”

Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure Data
The Power of Partnership

“With Databricks and Fivetran, we will be able to significantly improve marketing insights in the future. From a technical standpoint, the two tools interact harmoniously and the integration feels very native.”

Jan-Niklas Muhlenbrock, Team Lead, Business Intelligence & ERP, Paul Hewitt
The Power of Partnership

“Lob has always been a fairly AWS-oriented company in terms of our infrastructure. Fivetran works really well and brings different sources into Redshift, which is our single source of truth.”

John Huang, Head of Data, Lob
The Power of Partnership

“Together, Google BigQuery, Fivetran and Looker are helping Label Insight to perform, review and benefit from rich data. We’re saving 140 hours of manual reporting time each week and the return on investment is double what we spent.”

Jim Shedrick, Director of Architecture, Label Insight
The Power of Partnership

“Snowflake and Fivetran are a perfect combination of ease of use, performance and minimal maintenance. With Snowflake’s instantly scalable compute and Fivetran’s seamless pipeline service, we can analyze data instantly and generate business outcomes in a fraction of the time.”

Bryan Christ, Director of Data Analytics, Axcess Financials

Modern data stack partners

We’ve partnered with key technologies which complement and extend the value of the Fivetran platform within the modern data stack ecosystem.

Google Cloud
Monte Carlo
dbt Labs

See how customers are leveling up with our partners

The secret sauce behind Databricks’ marketing analytics growth

"One of the biggest challenges is integrating data from all global partners. Now that we’re leverageing Fivetran, we can bring data into our ecosystem quickly and safely."

Guli Zhu, Head of Marketing Analytics
Data Stack
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“Our Finance and accounting teams are working more on strategy, not tracking down numbers. With Fivetran, our time to value and insight is much faster.”

Perry Wang, Head of Analytics Engineering
Data Stack
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“Fivetran completely changed our data extraction workflow. We save a tremendous amount of time by eliminating the need to build & maintain data pipelines internally.”

Evin Anderson, Data Engineering Manager
Data Stack
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“The value is being able to pull in Salesforce, Marketo, Asana, Netsuite and Lever, and blend data from historically separate deparments together for analysis.”

William Tsu, Customer Success Operations
Data Stack
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