Kilo Health supports 450% compound annual growth rate with Fivetran

As one of the leading and fastest growing digital health and wellness companies globally, the team relies on Fivetran to scale and enable data-driven decisions.

Key results:

  • Through Fivetran, Kilo Health saves the equivalent of 3-4 data engineers.
  • Simple set-up of new connectors allows Kilo Health to scale at the same pace as the business with a relatively small team of data engineers.
  • Easy maintenance of 220+ active connectors of 20+ types in one place.
  • Fivetran is the foundation of Kilo Health’s Data Stack and significantly contributes to answering crucial business questions as fast as possible.
  • More than 40% of Kilo Health staff use Fivetran-powered dashboards for more than 90 minutes a month.

Background and data stack:

  • Company Size: 500+ employees
  • Industry: Health
  • Pipeline: Fivetran
  • Fivetran connectors: MySQL RDS, MySQL, Bing Ads, Google Ads, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, Snapchat Ads, Reddit Ads, Apple Search Ads, Pinterest Ads, TikTok Ads, Twitter Ads, Stripe, Zendesk, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Play, Google Sheets, iTunes Connect, Dropbox, S3
  • Destination: BigQuery
  • BI/Analytics: Looker
  • Cloud platform/service provider: GCP
  • Data transformation tool: dbt™

Kilo Health is one of the global leaders in digital health and wellness, recognized as the second fastest growing company in Europe in 2021 & 2022. With over 30 digital health products, Kilo Health aims to help people to live a healthier life. The portfolio includes apps like DoFasting, the #1 App in the Health and Fitness category on the App store, Cardi.Health, Joggo, as well as four B2B programs and the venture product PipelinePharma, a digital platform connecting pharma buyers with manufacturers and sellers.

The challenge: paving the way for rapid growth

In 2013, Kilo Health launched its first product with a team of just seven people. Today, 700+ employees take care of 30+ products with over 5 million customers worldwide. The number of data points has grown just as quickly. Therefore, Kilo Health needed a solution to support its rapid growth and its journey to become a fully data-driven company to serve stakeholders with intelligent and unbiased insights. 

The solution: user-friendly tools for easy scalability 

A customer since 2019, Kilo Health values Fivetran because of its simplicity and ability to scale with the company. With Fivetran, Kilo Health can easily set up and maintain new connectors as the business grows, without investing into additional resources.  And the growth has been amazing: from 2021 to 2023 alone, the number of Fivetran connectors Kilo Health is using increased from 130 to 220+, encompassing connectors of more than 20 types. The ability to add connectors quickly and efficiently allows Kilo Health to use the data as soon as it is available in the source, which is crucial in driving pivotal business decisions.

“Without Fivetran, creating and maintaining all these different connectors would require an extensive set-up,” says Dominykas Balčiūnas, Data Project Manager at Kilo Health. “With Fivetran, accessing crucial data is made seamless. Thus, we can fully concentrate on the value that the data brings.”

Through Fivetran, Kilo Health integrates internal data like product information, transactions, orders, subscribers, client data and app data with external data like payment and marketing data.  All data movement is automated through Fivetran into the data lake, providing a centralized view into the entire business.

“Some companies use a variety of tools to put data in their data warehouse or data lake,” says Dominykas Balčiūnas. “Fivetran is the foundation and an important layer of Kilo Health’s Data Stack. It significantly contributes to answering crucial business questions as fast as possible.”

The results: a foundation for better decisions

Fivetran-powered dashboards provide value across the company: 

  • Customer support investigates the customer journey to find out why customers contact support and to answer all customer questions quickly.
  • Marketing analyzes the key KPIs across sources to improve campaign effectiveness and efficiency.
  • C-level executives make strategic decisions on specific products and the further development of Kilo Health based on financial data and other metrics from across the business.
  • Product teams use app analytics to develop new features and microservices, to send updates to customers, and to develop new meal or workout plans.

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