DPD Polska delivers 200M parcels annually with Fivetran and Goldenore

System and data integrator Goldenore deployed Fivetran to enable the courier market leader to replicate data in near real-time from multiple sources to support the delivery of 200M parcels annually

System and data integrator Goldenore deployed Fivetran to enable DPD to replicate data in near real-time from multiple sources into Oracle DB on-premise, PostgreSQL on-premise and MS Azure without impacting source database performance.

Key results:

  • Leadership teams now have access to timely, reliable data, enabling them to make faster business decisions and expand DPD Polska’s market presence
  • No source-system impact enables DPD to scale its analytics function without delay
  • Stronger disaster recovery footprint ensures greater resilience and security for DPD Polska


  • Company Size: 50,000+ 
  • Industry: Shipping, Logistics
  • Destination: PostgreSQL
  • Cloud: Microsoft Azure

DPD Polska — part of DPDGroup, the second largest international courier network — is the leader of the Polish courier market, delivering 200 million parcels annually.

Before Fivetran

DPD was using a series of on-premises PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases to track its trucks, parcels and people. 
To reduce replication time lags and lower the risk of errors in manual data distribution, the company wanted more flexibility, greater reliability and higher operational scalability.

Pain points

“We needed to be able to distribute data from the production environment to analytical environments, without overloading our source databases with requests. These include financial and human resource-related data that are key areas of our business.” — Piotr Zalewski, Database Team Manager in DPD Polska

The array of custom SQL databases prevented DPD from producing timely reports, meeting disaster recovery time objectives, testing new data and analytic products, scaling up its revenues and increasing its customer base. For example, one of DPD’s databases had three different usage contexts. DPD needed a log-based replication solution that would not impact its source systems.

Required capabilities

  • Log-based change data capture
  • Near real-time replication
  • Data validation
  • Visual statistics on data movement

Why They Chose Fivetran

“We began working with DPD four years ago. Goldenore has extensive experience with building other large-scale data-driven applications. We created a series of replicated databases in Azure to provide quick disaster recovery time — less than one hour — along with supporting a greater scale of operations” - Tomasz Gzik, IT & Business Executive Partner in Goldenore

As a result of its market analysis and tests, the DPD team chose Fivetran’s high-volume replication (HVR) solution. The company can now effectively and safely replicate business-critical data to Azure and across its on-premise reporting and testing environments.


DPD is now working on replicating a new series of Microsoft SQL Server databases using Fivetran’s high-volume replication (HVR) solution, zero downtime migrations of PostgreSQL and migrations of business applications to MS Azure — all using Fivetran and with professional support of Goldenore Team.

Thanks to the wide range of services on Azure, advanced data processing is now possible, including real-time analytics and reporting.

DPD can be confident in the safe execution of functional and performance tests on production data, since Fivetran ensures security and continuous data validation.

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