Unlock fast, log-free database replication

With Fivetran’s teleport sync, you can quickly replicate database changes with just a read-only user.

In June 2021, Fivetran acquired Teleport Data for database replication that offers the completeness of snapshots while approaching the speed of log-based replication methods. Since then, we’ve been busy integrating this new technology with Fivetran to make strides in the methods of database replication that we support, allowing customers another option for replicating data when traditional log-based methods aren’t feasible. 

What is Fivetran teleport sync?

Teleport sync is a new, faster method for dataset comparison using compressed representations to determine incremental updates.

The name was taken from the original technology but remains an apt representation of the replication speed and methodology improvements compared to traditional full dataset comparison methods. 

Where is this useful?

Fivetran has long supported log-based replication for our database connectors as it is the quickest way to read database changes. But there are a variety of reasons why log-based replication methods are not feasible, including:

  • Hardware constraints that prohibit provisioning storage
  • Inability to connect to a primary instance to read logs
  • Unable to access the 3rd party hosted database to configure logs

With Fivetran’s teleport sync, you can now replicate databases without logs and just a read-only user. 

What databases are supported? 

We are currently rolling out teleport sync for MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server. Whether you have a trial or full Fivetran account, select teleport sync when setting up your next database connector to unlock the power of log-free replication.

If you’re interested in teleport sync for other databases, drop us a note with the database type and your Fivetran account name to databases@fivetran.com.

Datasheet: Fivetran Teleport Sync


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