Develop data-powered experiences with the Fivetran API

Powered by Fivetran APIs and Connect Cards take the pain out of data integration application development.
June 22, 2020

Develop new data experiences with Powered By Fivetran

As organizations’ data footprints grow into an expanding set of SaaS applications, events, databases, and files, the need for access to insights becomes increasingly important. This trend has led to a growing list of companies looking to help others make sense of their data by building analytics products that automate insights on top of their customer’s data.

Building products that rely on direct integrations with data sources is not an easy undertaking. Many agencies and product teams that are tasked with doing so generally choose to build it themselves — often with mixed success. Much like the trend that we’ve seen in internal analytics use cases, companies are looking to automate resource-intensive processes that are not core to their business.

As part of our mission to make data integration automated and reliable, we are announcing Powered by Fivetran, an offering that leverages additions and enhancements to our API that make embedding Fivetran automated data connectors easier than ever.

Embeddable Connect Cards

We are bringing the best parts of what has made Fivetran work for analysts and data engineers to those developing analytic products. Connect Card is an embeddable setup form that enables users to securely pass and authenticate credentials directly to Fivetran via a secure HTTPS connection without needing to touch your own servers. Check out our security page for more information.

Connect Card has everything your team and customers need to ensure a successful integration:

  • Customers will appreciate the integrated instructions and set up tests that walk them through any required configuration
  • In case of a connection failure, actionable feedback to troubleshoot is provided without users needing to reach out to your support/operations team
  • Developers will find it easy to embed with only two calls to our REST API and a redirect URL to display the setup form

Your end users will be able to connect their data sources easily and consistently, and we will power the rest.

Watch the demo video here: Connect Card Demo - YouTube

Extended API capabilities for developers

We’ve exposed new endpoints and expanded the existing functionality to our API to manage customers at scale. All of these updates are designed to make it easier to automate the embedded Fivetran experience so just like our core product, you can set it up and forget it (and we have 24x7 support just in case).

  • New Destination Management API : Power new user experiences by enabling customers to bring and connect their own data destinations
  • New Group Management API : Manage customers at scale by programmatically creating a new group in Fivetran for each new customer
  • 148+ Newly Supported Sources for Connector Management API : Expand and support new use cases by leveraging all Fivetran supported connectors provisioned through our API
  • Database Schema Config : Programmatically manage the tables of sources with custom schemas and build a standard data experience by syncing the same data for each customer every time

Demo and getting started

It’s never been easier to develop and embed Fivetran automated data integrations within your product. We invite you to start a free trial today to see what you can build with Fivetran.

If you would like a personalized demo from a Powered by Fivetran specialist, please reach out to us here . We’re excited to partner with you to create amazing new data experiences for your customers.

Webinar: How Helios is building modern data experiences

Come learn how Helios Company, an outsourced Chief Data Officer service, leverages Powered by Fivetran to unify and un-clutter their data.


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