Powered by Fivetran Fuels Savvy Data Insights Platforms and Agencies

Offer clients comprehensive insights by building Fivetran connectors into your data products.
July 7, 2020

Powered by Fivetran (PBF) is a new offering for modern data insights platforms that provide analytics as a service. These firms build data products on top of disparate solutions such as Tableau, Snowflake and Redshift, and offer insights to decision-makers in diverse verticals, from finance and marketing to energy and transportation.

PBF is designed to be the data backbone of these use cases. Insights platforms can use PBF to build 150+ Fivetran data pipelines into their applications, consulting practices and more, with minimal coding or engineering overhead — PBF makes building performance reports from client-owned data sources painless. Vertical-focused companies considered data experts in their own fields can use PBF to build products around both data services and the technology stack that powers thought-leading opinions and insights.

Powering Data Insights Platforms

Powered by Fivetran enables data to land in a consistent, repeatable and scalable way every time a customer is onboarded — no more building and maintaining pipelines. With a few simple API calls, developers can apply a template that creates a consistent user experience for onboarding and connecting data sources. Fivetran data connectors become an extension of the product.

For instance, insights platforms can help customers manage cash flow and track payments by using data sources such as QuickBooks and HubSpot. For retailers, PBF-enabled platforms can help keep optimize inventories, supply chain with Shopify and marketing/acquisition engines such as Braze, as an example.

Or take a direct-to-consumer brand that sells through Shopify, takes payments through Stripe, manages finances with NetSuite, leverages Braze for customer engagement, and needs to understand where its revenue is coming from. A data insights provider using Fivetran connectors for these sources could say to the brand, “Connect your data within our platform and we’ll tell you how to optimize your business.”

These platforms also build predictive analytics, machine learning models, or other advanced analytics products — they all have their own special sauce. To extend the scope of their offerings and grow their businesses, they need access to increasing volumes of data. That’s where Powered by Fivetran comes into play.

We’re excited about Powered by Fivetran because it works well for organizations of all sizes, from small and medium-sized businesses all the way up to the enterprise. Through PBF, analyst agencies can easily get on board with the modern data stack, which consists of automated data integration like Fivetran, a data warehouse like Snowflake, and a visualization tool.

Exploring the Helios Use Case

Helios serves as chief data officer for companies that need help understanding their internal data. It uses Fivetran data connectors to bring its customers’ data into its own platform. All the data integration occurs outside of the Helios platform itself.

For example, to connect to a client’s Salesforce account, Helios customers are sent a connect card for the source, click “Connect my Salesforce,” type in a username and password, and hit connect. That automatically sends a call to Fivetran to bring that customer’s Salesforce instance into the Helios Snowflake warehouse. This quick, streamlined process extends Helios’ own data offering because it is no longer maintaining and trying to prioritize which data sources to support and bring into the platform.

As a result of Helios using Fivetran Connect Cards, the firm has seen:

  • 150% increase in data sources connected per customer
  • 50% reduction in time to production
  • 4x increase in time spent on revenue-generating activities.

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