New Connector: YouTube Analytics

Integrate your YouTube video content data to further develop your video strategy.
July 7, 2020

The value of YouTube has grown significantly for companies looking to bolster their brands with video content. The YouTube API is report-based, and its prebuilt reports fall into one of two categories: channel reporting and content owner reporting.

Channel reports refer to the videoson a specific YouTube channel, while content owner reports contain data on all the channels owned by a particular individual. A content owner report might be more valuable to you if your company hosts multiple channels that you’d like to track.

Our YouTube Analytics connector pulls in all the available prebuilt reports, so you can:

  • Track standard video metrics, such as views, likes and comments
  • Track advanced video metrics, such as average view duration or average percentage of video played
  • Segment users by province, location, device and more
  • All this data will help marketing analytics understand which video content is effective, and why, so marketing teams can continually improve campaigns and refine video strategy.

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