New connector: Twilio

Gain a deeper understanding of your messaging channels with our Twilio connector.
May 25, 2020

Twilio is a cloud communications and customer engagement platform that allows companies to easily track and manage their messaging across SMS, voice and email. Twilio data provides insights into message channel management with metrics like call length, account origin, usage and carrier statistics, agent response times, and peak communication times for support optimization. This allows Twilio stakeholders to understand which managed messaging channels for applications have the greatest impact on customer experience.

Fivetran now allows you to bring Twilio data into your dashboards and combine it with data from other product and support tools. Combining it with data from Github and Jira, for example, will help you identify gaps in your product from application to issues. Combining it with Zendesk data will allow you to understand how customers interact with your support team in every channel, from SMS and voice to digital channels like your support desk.

What Does Twilio Set Up Look Like?

Take a look at our Twilio entity relationship diagram to see what data we bring in, and then take a few minutes to set up a Twilio connector — no coding required. It’s time to let your communications data communicate with the rest of your data!

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