How to gain faster insights from your Shopify and Klaviyo data

Use our data models to easily combine Shopify and Klaviyo data into analytics-ready models and create rich, granular customer personas.
January 11, 2022

Shopify, the ecommerce platform and Klaviyo, an email and SMS marketing tool, are highly connected products. In fact, their native integration allows some Shopify metrics to be synced into your Klaviyo connector. However, this integration comes with some limitations, as actions like cancellations and refunds may produce discrepancies across the two tools. Moreover, you lose details around exactly how campaigns are converting, like what products are being purchased or why orders were canceled. Also, if you manage multiple Shopify stores or Klaviyo environments, it becomes extra difficult to tie all of your data together.

The Fivetran data models for Shopify Holistic Reporting takes this integration a step further, joining data from Shopify and Klaviyo connectors using customers’ email address and a last-touch attribution model. Thus, you can achieve a more fully fleshed out portrait of this part of the customer journey.

Our pre-built data models do 80% of your data modeling work, as it outputs three fairly generic models that set you up to easily create customized analyses and tailor your reporting to your business needs. The packaged SQL itself consolidates customer information across the tools, attributes Shopify orders to Klaviyo campaigns and clearly lays out the interactions and revenue generated between individual customers and campaigns. These cleaned, transformed datasets provide a straightforward springboard to produce aggregations which allow you to spend more time answering your specific business questions.

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