Fivetran supports mental health and wellness with Thrive+

The mission of the Thrive+ ERG is to create a safe and supportive space that’s inclusive of the neurodiverse and neurotypical people of Fivetran.

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from working from home, it’s the value of wellness. At Fivetran, we recognize how important it is that our employees are supported with mental health resources and benefits. That’s why we recently launched a new employee resource group (ERG) called Thrive+. We’re honoring and reflecting on Mental Health Awareness Month by shining a spotlight on one of the ERG’s founding members, Nora Gentry. We interviewed Nora last year, where she discussed how to balance mental health with the demands of a career in tech. 

It’s been one year since your article was published. What can you share with us about what’s happened since then?

From a work perspective, things have been great. Since last year, I was promoted in my role as a solution architect. As an SA, I am the technical subject matter expert for our customers so that we can drive value in what they see in their data. This promotion supports my feeling of validation and that I am in the right place. I not only have support from my manager, I am also supported on a daily basis from my peers. 

Another huge accomplishment was launching Thrive+, our new employee resource group, as one of the founding members. This ERG will empower its members through information, resources and awareness. 

What inspired you to start Thrive+? What else can you share about Thrive+?

My colleagues and I collected data on the benefits of supporting and addressing mental health in the workplace. For example, a Deloitte study found 95 percent of employees who have taken time off due to stress named another reason, such as an upset stomach or headache. We also learned that 62 percent of missed work days can be attributed to mental health conditions, according to NAMI Massachusetts.

We created the proposal based on the research and data we found, which helped tell the story of why it was needed. We then pitched the idea to leadership and had a very positive response. Our executives noted that it was a much needed, and sometimes overlooked necessity. It was reassuring to see such support for this new ERG because we often see a lot of companies talk about having something like a Thrive+, but it has been my first time seeing it actually come to fruition. 

Our approach for Thrive+ is to empower the members through information, resources and awareness. We want everyone at Fivetran to know that the leadership team and company recognizes that mental health matters. Now we have a place where people can talk with like-minded individuals and discuss how peers manage their mental health in the workplace. I am just so happy to have this ERG to support the movement.

What other accomplishments would you like to share?

One of the biggest major changes in my personal life was giving up alcohol. I have shared this goal with my colleagues, and I think it helps keep me accountable. It’s also something that is so great about Fivetran and the people here. You can share as much or as little as you want. Everyone is here to support you and help you be your most authentic self. 

This new lifestyle of mine also fits really well with Thrive+. In creating the ERG, we made a point for traditional happy hours or alcohol-centric activities to not be a theme for us. We set out to propose healthier options. For example, we recently hosted a “Playdough N’Chill” event in the Oakland office, inviting our colleagues to take a break from being an adult and meet the local Thrive + boards and members.

Is there any advice you would like to share?

Exercise for the body and exercise for the brain go hand-in-hand. It should not be discounted. The body and mind are so connected, and we need to remember to take the time to reset. Especially in a startup environment, we forget to do that sometimes. 

It’s been normalized to tell my manager that I need a mental health day and know that I am being supported and encouraged to take the time. People care here. 

Finally, I’d like everyone to know that you are not alone. 

Learn more about how Fivetran supports and inspires employees across the globe by visiting our Life at Fivetran page.

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