Announcing the Fivetran dbt Package for Mixpanel

Our latest dbt (data build tool) package helps accelerate your Mixpanel event analytics.

Our new dbt (data build tool) models for Mixpanel focus on cleaning and aggregating your events into tables that:

  • Bucket users into new, repeat, churned or returning users to make it easier to determine what actions these bucketed users tend to take
  • Aggregate events into daily and monthly views for easier analytics focused on time periods
  • Group events by sessions to determine the impact of grouped events

This package also includes a macro that you can run to generate a customer conversion funnel, as denoted by event volume, to help you understand the customer journeys that lead to valuable conversions.

Challenges of Mixpanel Data Export

When looking at Mixpanel API documentation, there are a few APIs that immediately look like they could work for data export into a centralized data analytics warehouse. These include the Query API, Export API and Data Pipelines API. The first step is to simply choose which of these APIs your team feels equipped to handle. With the Query API, you’ll be best served learning and using JQL, though this may take further time. With the Export API, you’ll have to figure out how to segment the raw JSON data returned into a format more easily queryable by your analysts. All of these options require further transformations and modeling to extract the value of the events gathered.

How Fivetran Helps With Mixpanel Analytics

Starting with our Mixpanel connector means not having to read any of the above API documentation — the connector automatically pulls all historical data and updates with ongoing events, no manual intervention required. To set up the connector, all you need is your API secret; then use our sliding bar to designate your sync frequency. From there, use our dbt package to begin aggregating your events for deeper user insights and further segmentation of your events.

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